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  1. JUJI can u plz add in ur transformation Guide, how we can get Transformation Extract scroll? if u check in ur guide, we cant find anything like that, so when the Hardins events bag's end how we can get this extract scrolls?
  2. You can got it for free too my friend
  3. L2 store New Items

    So.. someone knows if this transformation is worth? what i can do with it?
  4. L2 store New Items

    How we could buy this new items ? if u guys dont put information about it ? plz what it is this 1 - Magic Trumpet 2 - Transformation SealBook
  5. We want the real classic back

    on official dont have GM inside the game man this is just in illegal servers. idk if is the first time that u play here on NC games. but they dont have Chars 'GM's' inside the game like illegal for avoid personal problems and corruption(i guess) i really hope they could see this post. but this that we want is just a dream for a perfect server
  6. We want the real classic back

    on korea server is on the same way friend, just relaxe NA Ncsoft cant do anything about this that u told us
  7. talisman of fate question

  8. can you double box with this new launcher?

    yes just log out and add a new account for log again, there is no limit yet for box i think
  9. INSTANCE ADEN only for bots?

    first thing to do is make a char for PK... do it and after this go farm
  10. Plus or Minus 10 Character Levels Killing All Item and Adena Drops

    kick the lower level char from ur party and be happy
  11. Nectar seeds drop rate changed!!! Take care

    I lost around 150m just with this nectar and for me was good i got good drops. But its hard. U need expend too much money for get something good
  12. Thats the point who blame everytime is because they cant playing the game right or cant leveling or cant farm adena(trade or farm)
  13. What i want to say folks is just what u said... "devs clearly dont care" So everybody know that and continue playing the game 😊 Im one of the dumbs who play this game.. even i know the staffs never will change
  14. Weapon Upgrade

    Put a weapon +12 and use this to upgrade for a high weapon +11
  15. Drop in cruma.

    In cruma 3 i drop around 600-1k