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  1. Custom made shirt ,circlet,cloaks ,brooch , now jewelery ... whats next ?custom armors and weapons ? There is Dragon jewels , Angels jewels ...now God Jewels .. ahahaha this is a fail .. God of mastercard maybe ... ppl quit lineage 2 because they dont have security for their investment .. you guys trash years of hard working items with pay to win stuff ..
  2. @ Juji ...you should at least change the weapons that people need .. its not their fault you guys made a error ..
  3. No standard , no enchanted ... no limited .. you guys again failed ..we waited for months just for nothing...
  4. Why Normal and Enchanted Krishna its not in the list ? ??? Are you guys serious?
  5. Red Libra ?? And hope r110 will be included in echange list
  6. Lineage II - June Preview

    It was about time for that merge .. let the battle for supremacy start ...too bad im in chronos atm ,it sure was nice to see Naia's struggle for power .. Neutron you rised more questions .. what about nicknames ?
  7. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    I agree , Insane prices for brooch and no more chance for a 3-4 jewel .. and yes i agree you removed from hero reward items all the stuff that matters and left us trash .. typically ..
  8. Eviscerator Ability

    I have a question .. anyone tested if Berserker Backfire witch increase rear damage actually boost eviscerator damage ? Cause i could use those points in another ability if they dont boost . I cannot test it myself cause im low level and cant afford to reapply the AP's