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  1. Couple of things: If the ranking system is an element which is effecting latency, then remove it. The ranking doesn't really reflect how effective people are in game anyway, as many play their dual more than their main. If you should have such a system, which is updated weekly, base it on player contribution, irrespective of main/dual activity. Similarly, go back to the maximum of 3 account logging at any one time. Although I love it, remove the auto macro system.... let's go retro and go back to old school methods... but only if this is impacting on latency! As players invest serious time and in some instances, serious money via L2 store in the game... make sure that the 'mechanics' are fit for purpose. And finally, really listen to the gamers'.... majority have been in game 5, 10, 15yrs.... we love the game, we just get frustrated at the 'stuff'. Oh.... and final, final bit..... increase clan sizes again!
  2. Vitality Maintaining Potion

    I did that, it says 0 vitality items can be used..... however, since I received GM buffs I haven't used any vitality pots, as they're greyed out and not usable. I do know that one of my clannies received a very kind 12hr birthday buff, as they too experienced the same problem. So currently I'm xping with no vitality and no way of using vitality maintaining potions
  3. Hi, great to receive the GM buffs in Fantasy this week, they were a real boost. However, since the 12hr vitality boost ran out, I'm unable to use the vitality maintaining potions and my vitality is almost down to zero, with no way to replenish...... anybody else had this problem?