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  1. Boost pack gone?

    funny eh.. l2store issues get solved but server performance issues that impact game play not..
  2. Lag.....is back!

    fix the server or close it
  3. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, September 4, 2019

    fix the damn attack speed issue already!! turn of those timed instances .. why start an XP boost event when your servers aren't stable ?
  4. Limited Krishna can't be exchanged??

    dragon weapons were & still are never part of Red Libra so yeah no, do a search as Draecke here posted the 2 most recent Red Libra's as done in Korea of which the oldest should have been what we got but obviously didn't get. outside of trolling please do tell who wants to change their R110 armor part ? the Limited R110 weapons request is a reasonable one and so far Juji has not said it can't/ won't be done. saying it's not part of current Red Libra ain't the same thing as saying NC isn't willing to support their actual paying customers.
  5. Limited Krishna can't be exchanged??

    https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14250-r110-weapon-exchange/ Just for the duration of this Red Libra allow the support team to roll back / downgrade their Limited weapon and problem solved, we know it can be done as everyone still remembers the mess from when Truffle's Stage3 Dragon Fist was downgraded but this would be different as 1. it will be clearly communicated and 2. every owner of a Limited weapon can apply - only requirement would be to have such weapon in your inventory. There can't be many of such weapons around so why not show your big spending player base that you care about them and try hard to help out instead of saying though luck next Red Libra better no ?
  6. R110 Weapon Exchange?

    +1, this sounds like an easy enough work around as how many whales err players are around with such weapons after all eh ?
  7. Fixed Damage Resistance

    fixed damage means topaz style damage so I wouldn't waste to much time looking at that aspect of the cloak as it's only relevant in Oly or PvP which has ppl using topaz lvl4 or higher