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  1. @Juji @Hime Would it be possible to get some assistance on this it is still ongoing and not getting anywhere - 21957711 and 21957708 are still ongoing issues and not yet resolved. 21930894 was resolved by support and 21957710 fixed it self. Thanks Evan
  2. I agree and that is the thing, considering its common knowledge and considering they are launching classic they should expect this type of thing to happen. My issue is that the support teams should be aware of whats happening and fix it but they blame it on cookies and Java, as of now its still not resolved. This game has been running for 14 years, and they still don't understand their own game and how to fix it in a timely manner.
  3. I'm guessing many people are getting the same problem so here it is, I created some new accounts for the classic server, which should be a no brainier as why would I use my main accounts that I use for official, then I can’t log into my main on Chronos while I play classic. After creating the new accounts right off the bat some of them are banned from logging into the NCsoft account management page (can still login to game) and blocked from buying NCOIN or purchasing packs. Now I shouldn’t have to type my request on the forum but the support staff do not help at all and come back with things like check your cookies and make sure you have Java installed. If I can make Ncoin purchases with my normal accounts then why is it an issue with only my newly created classic accounts. After emails going over 3 days I cannot get a resolution? As @Himementioned as long as you don’t do anything super suspicious you shouldn’t have a problem? I have had this issue before and Support had to unblock the account but it seems like in the last year or so support isn't as good as it once was and is struggling to understand what the problem is Would @Juji or @Himebe able to assist as i don't want classic to launch and miss out on buying my starter pack. Thanks The ticket numbers are 21930894, 21957708, 21957710, 21957711
  4. How would something like a bloody server effect current server populations on the current Chronos/Naia. If it is possible to buy end game gear cheaper as Yidao suggested how many would stay on the already dwindling current servers ?
  5. Stable Cloak - Legendary success

    Just an update on this after the 8 fails I decided to one more time with a stable scroll the "9th Attempt" worked. What made things better was that i was able to get the P./M.Skill Power +15 Augment with less than 100 stones. So all up still cheaper than buying it outright.
  6. WTB Elegia Light Set

    BUMP - still looking for the set - i need it for appearance so even if it can be used for that it would be appreciated.
  7. Hey has anyone been able to go from 14 to 15 with this scroll, i tried 8 times but they all failed so wanted to check before doing more.
  8. WTB Elegia Light Set

    Hi All Looking at buying an Elegia Light Set - PM me here on forums if you have one that you are willing to trade.
  9. Archer Skill Crit Damage

    Well i have changed my bow SA from Hunter to Level 8 Speed / Fire just now which has given me an extra 7% skill crit damage and ill work on the Dex tattoos throughout the week. I find it interesting that you would upgrade everything but the bow, so the base damage increase will not see as much boost as the other upgrades ? And why is anything over 700 element no benefit in PVE.
  10. I noticed that the new Zodiac Agathion's have main and sub charm slots The main slot saying you can "Apply both the Special Ability and Unique Ability" and the Sub Agathion saying Apply only the Unique Ability. Can someone explain this ? can you attach other Agathions and stack them ?
  11. Archer Skill Crit Damage

    Thanks for taking the time to make this detailed reply, to add to what you said i'm only level 103 and all my skills are + 10 As you have mentioned there is still a lot of skill Crit Damage % that i am missing and i guess while i don't understand how the math and multipliers work, when it all comes together it adds up a lot. Ive always wanted my base and elemental damage to be higher than what it is as i guess that's a good starting point for me. Would you recommend that i upgrade my Bow as a priority before and other upgrades ?
  12. Archer Skill Crit Damage

    Hi All I wanted to ask other archers or anyone for that matter how people get such high crit damage on their archer. (Or how the calculation works) Take for example the videos that were posted by archers like SpartianGuard and TheBlackPope where is shows that they hit the first boss mob in k99 for around 1.2 mil in a skill crit. My Archer hits those mobs for around 110k. This in its self is a 971.43% increase in damage. If you take a look at my gear below while there is room for improvement i don't see how i am going to get 971.43 % of improvements unless the calculation soars up at a certain point. Adding a ruby 5 will will only add 12.5 % damage and as this has been discussed before is only soul shot damage. So does anyone have any idea where this extra damage can come from ? Current Gear +12 Bloody Bow - P.Skill Cirt Rate +10%, P.Skill Crit Damage +10% (P.Skill Critical Damage +15 Augment) +3 Dex Bracelet - Venir Stage 12, Longing, Seven Signs, Abundance Stage 1 and Wind Talisman P Skill Crit Damage + 10 % x3 +5 STR Tattoos (In process of changing this to Dex.) 5 Slot Brooch with the following Level 3 Jewels - Emerald, Opal, Diamond, Ruby and Red Cat +10 Bloody Set (Assassin Type Enchant) +7 Elmore Cloak +7 Shiny Elemental Shirt Rulers Authority, Blessed Antharas, Lindivor, Blessed Valakas, Tauti and Earth Wyrm Exalted Tiara Stage 2 Evolved Agathion Arrows - P.Atk
  13. No bloody stones on naia!!!!

    What is the quest that gives a level 99 toon a bloody stone ?
  14. Lineage II - May Preview

    So what's the reason they are being removed ? Are they not available by other means like mentioned in the Etheria Patch notes ?
  15. Looking for Yul Archer Advice from Pros

    In f2pr's video, on the character status window he has + 5 STR + 11 DEX and + 9 CHA. how is that possible to get the extra CHA with only 3 tattoo slots ?