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  1. Well.... why close this topic dev team? for months I and many other players talked about here in the forum about the rates, but I bought VIP (4 ... 3 ... 2 ..) for several accounts, until finally I could not take it anymore and stop playing, question is, where do I ask for my money back? because my time has already been lost but my money I want back, we were harmed and this is a total lack of respect with all the people who believed in NCSOFT and buy credits, I only need to know this now, where do I ask for my money back?
  2. Here is not illegal server, thanks.
  3. Really? And SS bug? (Delay, lag, crash, error, anything) all time ss and potions dont work, dint fix this? You guys are very lucky, most of the players who still play or enjoy the game or have a lot of patience with NCSOFT, because your work sucks, amateurs work.
  4. if you read carefully what I said ... I said that if we have VIP does not drop more, that means who WITHOUT being VIP the drop is equal, that is, everyone falls in the same hole, I did not do the post to defend the VIP and yes to show that all drops of the server suffered nerf and that harms to ALL.
  5. Me and some friends wanted a hard L2, as it was, but what do we find in classic NA? Bots, for all sides, however, we insist and we play in the hope of evolving as well, but now after months of game I can affirm with all the properties that this classic NA is nothing more than a total deceit. To prove this, I bought VIP 4 for ALL my accounts, and no matter if I'm in party or not, the drops simply suffered nerf more than 10x, who here can say that the spoil works as it should? the only drop reference we have is from the US office (and we know that in NA it's all different) I and my friends did an analysis and we came to the conclusion that the VIP (25% drop +) simply does not work, honestly I bought more items without the VIP that with him, which generates a lack of total respect with us players, we want a difficult game yes, but we want a fair game, we do not think it's fair to kill for hours with vip the botters have more drops than us and the NCSOFT do not do ANYTHING! is there not a single GM to see dwarves selling 30k of animal skin? or 40k coal, is it possible that NCSOFT believes that this amount of items were purchased manually? I sometimes kill monsters for HOURS !!! and the maximum I can get is some varnishes, but to pay all these vip 4 to get only that? I did not pay VIP for this. When will we have a balance? when will we have a NA database ?, when will we have more respect from you NCSOFT? something needs to be done because the way it is, it's shameful, as I said, we want a difficult game? yes, but fair, with politics and bots and ways to evolve with balance, the way this server is, it does not go far, many people stop playing because they can not take it anymore, give us an NCSOFT position, something needs to change. As it is, it looks like all drops have a -70% drop chance and OBVIOUSLY VIP BONUS DROP DOES NOT WORK. *Sorry for my english.