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  1. would be the last straw that would unbalance even more the balance between botters and high income people who can buy many ncoin and the people who try to have fun, reaching the limit of vip 1 or 2 max ... this is p2w in all religions but if I do not remember when I downloaded l2 by October of last year I played for free ... totally contradictory I really love the game and I spent many hours playing it but I do not have enough income to buy all the things that they put in the store so for more that I strive to collect items and spend many hours hunting I will never have what it takes to compete against wealthy people ... I am very sad about this and why I made many friends during these long months of play, it is a pity that this goes away to hell ... my English is not very good and I find it very hard to write very long sentences so use a translator ... I regret if there are translation errors ..
  2. "RIP" L2Classic. :´ (