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  1. XINGODE error closing game clients

    You may have encountered this bug, it is accompanied by a error message Bug Xigncode 3 0XE0191014. Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE at the same time and select the Task Manager. In Processes, find L2.bin*32 or L2.exe*32, select it, and click on End Task. Close each window with this name in the same way. source by wellbia: 0xE0190201~0xE0190214 error occurrences This error code occurs from another program altering XIGNCODE activity, internal function problems, or malicious activity unrelated to the game. Please compress your entire XIGNCODE folder or xigncode.log and contact support@wellbia.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible.
  2. NCJP confirmed that Prelude of War... - Amount number of clan members will be reduced as in Korea from 229 to 87 - Dimensional Sieges will be focussed on Aden castle only source 4r4m discord channel this will be fix next update or not. @Ozzy you must be Resigned or drop clan crp btw not active atm !
  3. yep the same but low rate GL
  4. Official wiki for the EU not NCWest.
  5. Crit error

    I have the same error but old news! Client and correcting Korean bugs due to lack of client source codes. The game, this error does not affect. Perhaps the reason is that you have left the game incorrectly, such as closing through the launcher or task manager.
  6. Play l2r file

  7. Crash on opening game

    Hello. Delete all: Lobby01,Lobby01_Classic from Maps folder and start launcher updater.If Critical error delete all Maps file from system file.. .
  8. Can't launch game

    1.You can try to update your graphic card drivers and DirectX first.Critical error because your GPU drivers were too old $62 . 2.Delete the whole system folder, full check from launcher, apply patch + delete. try again ...
  9. R Grade to R95 to R99 Upgrade

    New version for Fafurion update NC west may 1 years yet. The current R99 gear can be upgraded to R110 gear,If you can upgrade Blessed R99 to normal R110 That all
  10. Helio solo

    Nice 32" inch Monitor
  11. Gorgon Queen Stenoa

    Wrong link, Here go
  12. Maximum level was not 70?

    The maximum character level in Lineage 2 Classic is 75. The level cap is planned to increase gradually in future updates @ 2.0 Zaken to 80 Lvl. Lineage II: Classic – Chronicle 1.5 (Age of Splendor) - LvL 1 to 75 no pet Manager Lineage II: Classic – Chronicle 2.0 (Zaken ) - LvL 1 to 80 yes pet Manager Lineage II: Classic – Chronicle 3.0 ......... - LvL 1 to 85 ---//----
  13. Red Alert! Merge Gludio with Aden

    You can ticket support to free server transfer only 1 character GL
  14. If you like the life a player or not just is far is inside the geodata. Cut in half, so it 200 members to maximum 70 ppl (7 parties) may enter, in case we don't have enough. CC right issue All Raid Boss Do not drop anymore only give Reward Box (ENOUGH).
  15. @Admin check all the Dragons zone someting geodata in that Place,can be removed safety spot fixing block types.Can open Dragons PvP zone because all time safe spot inside geodate safe spot.We cant pull on safe spot. Antaras safe spot Lindivor safe spot Valakas not safe spot well fine.