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  1. problem with keyboard after windows 10 update 1903

    SOLVED the problem was (and probably has nothing to do with the 1903 update) that i had switched on 'Show text suggestions as I type' on the hardware keyboard setting (Settings -> Devices -> Typing) i checked settings with my 2nd pc that was working all along and voila! hope it helps someone
  2. Hello there Just installed windows 10 May update (ver 1903) and i have problems using the keyboard/chat in l2 classic I cant input chat or keyboard commands (shortcuts for the game etc) The workaround i have found is to change focus (click on desktop) and the keyboard resumes working for a while... Thanks PS my 2nd pc seems to be ok so .... weird ...
  3. pretty please with sugar on top, for the love of god, can the npc fioti stick around for a bit longer? lost the reward and this sucks