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    Yea that's what I was afraid of but just wasn't sure if I missed something and was just trying to get some feedback from another players point of view, thanks!!

    I just hit level 104 during the merge and was doing the daily quests in the Giants Cave area but after the merge those are off limits to me now. Any suggestions to where I can find some new quest? I'm a Tyree Duelist and hunting solo.
  3. Sudden LAG!!

    Is it just me or has anyone else notice that the game has had a massive lag issue this evening? Started out ok but at around 7:30 p.m. EDT it started lagging so bad that I had to quit playing and almost 2 hours later it's still no better!!
  4. Known Issue: Server Queues

    I understand that and I don't blame them but I know of about 2 dozen of them who do this and bot or just do it to get their toons up and going and that is the unfair part to us but hey, what can we do.
  5. Known Issue: Server Queues

    While I'm out hunting I see a ton of people who are not playing, they just have their characters standing in a corner or halfway between a wall. You need to try and kick the inactive players like that out so the queue won't be so high and give people who really want to play a chance without having to wait half the day!!
  6. Lag Issues

    Yea it's a real bad lag, I contacted support and they want me to run dxdiag plus download and run Hi-JackThis to give them a report on what could be screwing things up so they will probably blame it on things on our end so not even gonna mess with it.
  7. Servers Down

    Yea really! I hate nothing more than going to the restroom and coming back to find that I've been disconnected from the server and cant get back in.