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  1. I managed to find them one day ... ohh baby yes I was all nerd flexing equipped them and ran straight into the first group... thinking oh yeeesssss bring on the slaying.. yep... ..I Leyroyed straight into noobland .... after 16 years ...you'd think I ever read how to use the coolest feature in a mmo.. nope..
  2. to the Jungle..
  3. Submit a ticket .. they'll either tell you to regrind getting to 100 is fast and they might offer you in game stater things. I had a ISS removed and they couldn't recover they offered shadow gear.. lol but bit by bit I was at 105.
  4. Yul Archer... main ISS buffs and some dd.. and Healer/heals recharges w/b !
  5. I had a load of Freyas roses and Buff pots and Vit cakes last week was there an issues or did I just double popped them.. might explain why toon is a bit porky. I didn't think to report it so i am not looking to replace but did anyone experience things expiring early ?
  6. Get duel channel ram some Rynzen have issues with Ram every builder will tell you so upgrade to 16 duel channel ram it's not too expensive. and no video :/ oh just grab a rtx 660 video .. but L2 is worthy
  7. What's the PC and Video Card temperatures and Ryzen make sure duel channel Ram stick... ? ..
  8. I am wishing we had simply more hunting spots .. It's so frustrating we buy the monthly subscriptions and still we wast time looking for a grind spot or PK and take over a spot. This is building a toxic game experience.
  9. Hi L2 community, I've been playing for a long time with a case of MD and now our dev's allow really intense macros. I am looking to bring back L2 gaming like I used to with EVERYONE and no one could tell I was struggling to click the keys now I can hardly use both hands. But I can use keys f1 to f4.. I like playing live and click keys but I am easily PK'ed and can't pvp with out wimping out and kick out on a BSOE. I love the pvp so I want to die fighting lol and i do die good.. as us old DE SE's do.. There was a fantastic player that played by mouth stick years ago and L2 ha
  10. Your prices for event items are president and show the direction of things to come... Signed, Visa card limit increaser... 16k... 24k.... <3
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