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  1. The update ruined the game, you share epics and over enchant weapon for free to a server which suppose to be slow and classic (4game brought a grade after 3 years). No1 killing epics, no1 crafting anything, you cant sell anything at the market anymore, the server has no pvp, no1 leveling with the traditional way, only bot and macro macro 24/7, the game is boring as hell ,new players coming and leaving cause of bots and inactivity, you remove the grade penalty and you destroyed the market entirely, you left max clients without limitation and now every players has 10 windows so the server is a b
  2. I think this is the 1233 post about this teleport thing but is very very annoying.. On combat character, characters with karma,fear,root etc..should NOT use teleport, once again i can tell you for sure that this feature completely destroying the pvp and the game itself day by day and its a matter of time all quit server, it is VERY VERY annoying,can you understand this?
  3. I am referring to necklace lvl5 (maxed),it says cannot be enchanted when you click on sven, on a lvl5 necklace.
  4. On L2wiki it says that a normal necklace can be enchanted for special abilities like p/m atk,p/m def but in this server when you click on attribute master sven on a normal spirit necklace it says that cannot be enchanted for extra abilities,is it an icon bug or is it true?
  5. i didnt know that with bsoe u cget instant unlimited tp anywhere you want while you have karma....
  6. Fix the teleport so pk chars,purple and on combat cannot use it. Its destroy the game.
  7. Bots are everywhere now, making a fortune as we active players don't have neither a mob to kill, you gave us lvls without having anything to do, as bots took the good areas like silent Valley and devil's, at leat before update we had some spots, every update you make is worse and worse, I am logging into the game and I don't have anything to do, the market is bleeped up I can't sell anything anymore as bots gather full and partial drops like crazy, what bleeping server is this anyway?
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