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  1. Having login problems for 6hours now. Looks like the login server having capacity problems (caused by too many bot logins) which they will never admit until they find a solution. Now I am able to enter but with queue (230), wth with the queue at this time???
  2. Lag then a couple of mass dc, now cannot login after the pin login page. Please check Juji. Thanks.
  3. People, don't expect too much about the GM buff since its possible you don't get them even you're in FI due to lag (too many people) and only gives out randomly for only 10mins GM Juji, please wait for everyone to get buffs, don't leave right away.
  4. 2x disconnects for 3 accounts also for the past 20mins also. I have also difficulty login to website and forum, what the h*** is going on? my net is fine with other websites.
  5. Due to the attendance event, players choose to go field xping than do instances. So after the event, players will go back making parties again where the social part of the game comes in. I think the reasons why they reduce the limit is that the World Olympiad is coming, Ncsoft cannot fix the latency problem and Ncsoft cannot afford hardware upgrades
  6. How about fixing the latency problem before you introduce World Olympiad??????????????
  7. How about fixing the server capacity and bots control and not changing party limit since we wasted my time/adena on the 4 toons (level 105 now). WTH???
  8. > The client limit restriction has been changed to 3 clients per PC. OMG! Hope this is not permanent since we wasted our time to level 4 toons, return it to 7 please. How about boost we paid for the 4 accounts we can't login? It will be wasted.
  9. In my honest opinion, Ncsoft adjusted the limit from 3 to 7 so people (legit players with macro - not bot farmers) will created more toons and spend more (adena/ncoins) which means more income for Ncsoft, its unfair to these players if they return the limit to 3 since they already invested their time and resources to the additional 4 toons. There are fewer people looking for parties (Kama, CC, Baylor, AF, etc) now because of the XP event, doing field hunting yields more XP than doing instances. Bringing back the limit to 3 can't really address the bot farmers since they have more than 1 PC, h
  10. @Juji Thank you very much for the heads up!
  11. My bad, saw it, no need to learn. Thank you KMK ^^
  12. @Juji Please check Fanstasy Harmony level 1 skill not available to be learned on ISS Doomcryer and Heirophant at level 99. Thank you.
  13. From support: As another workaround, please follow the steps below: 1.) Login to your account via NCSOFT website: https://login.ncsoft.com/login 2.) Go to Account management page > Click the link beside "Authorized Locations" 3.) Remove all saved IP by pressing "Remove". 4.) Log out to the website. 5.) Re-login to the website and re-authorize your IP. Once successfully authorized, please try logging in again through the launcher. ----------- BUT didn't work for me. Try
  14. *21hrs of troubleshooting/investigation by ncsoft and still not solution for login problem.
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