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  1. Any Gm should take his Time to go to Blazing Swamp up where the Lavafall is and try kill mobs there.He will see he will gets attacked by Summenors Pets,which are made just for pk Players, who arent a Part of their Tons of Partys,which are farming there. The Summoners are up on a Plateau in the Hill and not to reach for anyone(i wonder how they came up there,bc there isnt any Road to reach it) .So you have to fight vs Summoners Pets which are resummoned automaticly after death and you dont have a chance to farm. And i bet they are using illegal Programms. It will be easy for a GM to check it.Ju
  2. they wont care about the mess which is going on by exploiders in blazing swamp.so,its waste of time, to report,to screen or whatever try to do, to stop it.
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