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  1. Dimensional Siege

    The rewards for sure need revamping but claws are not and should not be associated with this type of activity. Unless there is a vast change in the time then theirs just no chance of getting the Europeans to sign up no matter the reward as currently its finishing between 1-3 am going into a working day depending on which part of Europe your living in. Real life takes priority over getting the leader one more claw for 95% of the playerbase.
  2. Nova Loses Aden to Box Clan of MS

    All I get from this thread is that a box clan managed to do in 12 minutes what MS couldn't do in 12 months
  3. Dragon Weapons

    aiia from joncenas group took the fists for his alt char "happi" Max had a shaper and pole fragment i was told.
  4. P. Critical Users

    You have this on one buffer somehow or you use two?