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  1. @Juji @Hime when we will have balance adena on hight farm zones? or we have to farm 70 lvl spots? also what about class balances or all we have to reroll to summoners for have transfer pain??
  2. 1) raid bosses need fix drop chance and add value items so people go to hunt them and give content at this point of game drop IEWA/IEAA from 85 lvl raids no point to drop useless staffs like that 2) raid bosses supposed to give xp too as all raids does.. so people go hunting them and pvp for them... make it competitive 3) high level areas impossimble for melee chars to farm them even with decend gear they need balance stats of mob only few players with top gear can farm there... and need spend tons of money for pve only not even pvp... 4) add bss back to game its unbala
  3. @juji any news for the new crafting system???
  4. used about 100 only from +9 to 10... any comments for that??? and scrolls cant be refound so... gl spend adena on that if u are unlucky as i was
  5. Top changes ! nice event!! we need more!! and more content like bosses lvl 80 or more!!
  6. When we send the mail we got any confirm back of recived? or just wait??? @Juji @Hime
  7. that talismans will be shareable into the account also??? @Juji ty also for that nice move by nc soft!!
  8. are account creation closed even for classic??? or it s just me???
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