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  1. Has the title says, does anyone know the max lv? Is there a cap or unlimited? Ty
  2. This is funny... Like everyone else, you made your choice to keep playing in the server. But as I see, you made a wrong choice and now you're trying to change one of the most important events in the game because you're playing in a server that doesn't fit your gmt and it "disrupts" your sleep. What about playing in other server? Many players chose to play here because it fits them better. What about those players? Should they be harmed because you made the wrong choice?
  3. In places like Silent Valley, toons need to run miles to find a group of mobs. It's a big place but with very few group of mobs. Are the mobs keeping safe distance from each other because of COVID-19?
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amWHESt1Mog
  5. Katchoo

    Heal Macro

    Hi, Try to use again 2x /target [name] after using the skill and before the delay.
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