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  1. Unfortunately, this solution limits the number of buffs
  2. Hello, I have two issues which I would like to mention. 1. During yesterday siege I saw that even if I was running my dagger char (adventurer) with hide skill, all summons saw me. The question is if they saw me because they were bots or for some other reason? 2. I have problem with set macro for buffs from Prophet. I “useshortcut x x” command. When the chars are in movement, macro skip some line and don’t execute all buffs. How to solve it? Is this a common problem? Regards
  3. Hi, in the note there is wrote " Added an exclusive slot which automatically uses certain consumables. ". Today I tried to run it on healing potions, but there is only possible to do it on scrolls such like, increasing XP/SP, buff transfers and others. The question is that it will possible in the future to use it in consumpt healing potions? Regards synolek
  4. That's great news for me. If you couold explain me more, what is the core, where is it and on which level can this be achieved?
  5. Hello, I started play at this server two weeks ago and I decided to choose a profession Rogue/TH. My question is about unlock skill. Can I use it somewhere? I didn't see any treasure cheast or something like this to open (except this treasure chest from fishing)? Best regards synolek
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