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  1. Auto Consumable

    Hi, in the note there is wrote " Added an exclusive slot which automatically uses certain consumables. ". Today I tried to run it on healing potions, but there is only possible to do it on scrolls such like, increasing XP/SP, buff transfers and others. The question is that it will possible in the future to use it in consumpt healing potions? Regards synolek
  2. unlock and Thief Keys - Giran Server

    That's great news for me. If you couold explain me more, what is the core, where is it and on which level can this be achieved?
  3. Hello, I started play at this server two weeks ago and I decided to choose a profession Rogue/TH. My question is about unlock skill. Can I use it somewhere? I didn't see any treasure cheast or something like this to open (except this treasure chest from fishing)? Best regards synolek