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  1. Hey, cant tolerate this new functionality called no grade penalty - decided to leave the server, could you please return my euros ? why the heck did i play, i dont see where the Classic part of lineage II is playing here.....
  2. WTS PK Scroll A, PK Scroll B

    Very cheap !!!! 1.3kk each ! have 4
  3. WTS PK Scroll A, PK Scroll B

    email in game i will message, have lots of scrolls
  4. WTS PK Scroll A, PK Scroll B

    hi, nickname - Ryukugan Pk Scroll A - offer in pm, prices negiotable Pk Scroll B - offer in pm, prices negiotable
  5. Lots of questions from newbie

    Hi, 1) Can runes be removed from weapon and do you get the rune back after removal ? 2) How about PVP Drop rate ? Do you drop if you are not chaotic but in PvP still ? 3) How runes are upgraded to higher lvl from 1 to 13 lets say - is the system same as enchant - they might get destroyed ? 4) What is best for spoil to spoil at low lvl (20-30) for cash ? SOP ? Steel ? level 30-40 - EWD EAD ??? 5) Which slot in game does dragon pendant take ? special slot or some other ?