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  1. Speculation here, since the Korean version isn’t having our same lag issue… is there a dynamic translation or conversion going on in the background of our version?
  2. Alliance Lv. 7 Clans currently assisting players to 105. PM or Mail in game Krystella or Kosmetas
  3. Every item in the game has an appearance, how would changing the games reference point to the appearance of an item increase lag? Not like the item has to hold two reference points in the database.
  4. PVE-Focused level 9 clan looking for active 105+ players. PM or Mail ingame Krystella or Kosmetas
  5. Not sure why this is not already in the game. How about some choices for our cloak. Some stones to match the armors being worn, clan crest and simple color changes?
  6. Server maintenance... we can't play the game during this time.
  7. Good for you. Too bad it took you 40k to figure out you were being stupid.
  8. 1. Las Vegas 2. Kosmetas Feoh Storm Screamer 3. Kain 4. 105 7.27% 5. A couple times for a few months
  9. Ok... that isn't it. still looking for the answer
  10. NVM, I believe it gives you a dual class for losing the sub-classes that were removed... if you didn't already have a dual class. Therefore, useless if you had a Dual class and sub-classes.
  11. "Manner" system doesn't function properly within a group. With the way "Manner On" is current designed the "Assist" Action is useless. Characters can't assist each other while using the Manners system, so they have to leave it off to work as a group.
  12. The same "Queue Issue" was pulled back on the live server a few years back. NCSoft trick used to push "Users" in need of their Lineage 2 fix to purchase guaranteed access to the server. Weeks before the Classic Server launched all evidence of this EXACT issue was purged when they deleted the old forums. Back in the day they were initially pushing Dynasty and Prestige packages for direct access to the newly updated servers.
  13. I've tried over 100 times to log in today. This should be embarrassing to everyone working at NCSoft.
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