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  1. Nova defending MS

    Nova defenders to MS alt clan...are they allies or another Nova fail....nova didn' sign to atk rune at dimensional, what is they lose aden in normal server, next step would be quit? DISCUSS
  2. this is why Nova never goes to the dragons ...

    Truffle is just wiping them thats all, without truffle the pvp would have been taken too long. But there were 2-3 parties of nova and they couldn' stand against 1 party yet you come here saying that MS didn' accomplish anything? Not to mention that nova had vndragon with a Dragon weapon....but oh I forgot that vndragon cant kill anything but flies in chronos
  3. Husaria+MAX

    The real question is how long those cps will tolerate novas policy to pr instantly when they see an enemy...will they accept to go straight to netflix or Bye bye nobas?