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  1. Insane prices

    @zzt111 there is no answer to a rhetoric question. @m0da Is your intention to make this game available to rich people who can spend thousands of dollars each month or you believe that the players should be satisfied by being 1-shot and should just killing elpy's ignoring all of the end game? You understand that you answer you own question that in some way you already made it rhetoric. @ReaperGG and the rest who try not t see what happened every event. Take some example like. "WTB 16k Ncoins for 22b. No need Gift". The same guy that shout this all day on chronos, posted here to complain that he oppend thousand of jewelry boxes and didn't got any lvl5. Right @Andouille ? So keep paying $$$, and €€€ in game and then come here to complain about you choice. And don't forget L2Store button is the one to blame for all the closed server's and not the price on items you buy from it.
  2. @GhostintheShell !!!Clients loads 50% faster. Having to log in 18 accounts every time server disconnects, makes my life easier.!!! If any of my employ was so good in office as you are here i will be glad to pay 80-90$ / hours. So sad. Such a waste for nothing. But since topic is for Positive Thanksgiving For This Fafurion Update i can add. Extracting SA and Bloody/Dark stone from wep to use them else where it is a positive option on this game.
  3. Yes and i just realise that 3% pdef cost smth more then 1b. What hapend , why no one mention it on patch note?
  4. Fafurion update is like. New upgraded macro system for players and new PK system to counter and kill the macro system.
  5. Ok, who see the similarity of this system with GOT S8 E5? Also what penalty Chaotic Characters have?
  6. Oriana Event

    330 box , and no nevit or smth worth. Also 4995 box of Embryo Reward Box and nothing higher that crafting pack. Luc on me was 67-72. The whole system is nerfed to take as much as they can. Ncoin price now is 1 = 2m less and less are buying. 4995 box. Spend all day yesterday just to open them, almost 10 hours and not even a baium ring. it was fun.
  7. NC West must pay a monthly franchise fee to ncsoft, so even will me more poor so players must spend more to pay the bills. Thx for having even this you may say.
  8. That is a dump problem, l2 dba are so small in front of other service that run's on same platforms that having server delay this day it is just impossible. Non mention how much nc earn from the players that the server clusters that can pay must be really high end solution. Don't get insult but Juji don't have the certifications to maintenance nc IT infrastructure. There are illegal servers out there with much more serious investments on server and network infrastructure. l2 never had more then 50k users online. Even smartphone game's have 10x that mile stone and work just fine.
  9. Bring Back XP Boost

    when was the last one of you that offered a duo k99, or a duo Helios etc etc to a random normal player. Never saw that on global..... On global are just the spam QQ trush msg of fail hero and ego noobs that all spots are full and their ego don't let a free place for others.
  10. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    And how you will fill the gap between one 30k $ char that hit with 1b dmg and the one that play honest with out the visa scam option on?
  11. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    You are loosing and you are losing to fast, and sad is you allready know why. And will not look good on LinkedIn.
  12. January 2019 Preview

    Happy new year.
  13. Super Damage? Or Hack?

    That it is a very low dmg you got there. if you think that toon on sieg with pvp set +11, with rose, diamond lvl3, 105/103 get, 14k pdef get 1.5m dmg easy from aoe. So wlc to the official l2. Also don't forget that are many ways to do bill of adena every day without spending ncoins and playing 2-3 hours a day.
  14. Dimensional Siege

    So you are a clan leader that lives in eu and want to get or upgrade a dragon wep. Ok! Anything else you wan't to order??? Don't forget to send it directly too @Juji. Also don't forget to cc on you msg @T.J. Kim.
  15. Start by posting on the right section. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/