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  1. They had one job. Delete or fix. Delete always win
  2. @Silverrmoon you will need a lot of ncoins to catch the rest of the players that really need a healer in person of their cp. The door is closed for any new player on l2 live ncwest. in a case you insist to play official l2, better start to find a way to play the korean servers. Will be much more easy for you there. I know that lang will be a wall for you , but there is a balance community there where you can have some fun. Gl
  3. NCWest don't have access to any of the server's so @Juji or @Hime can do nothing.This is done and just accept it. After all when the first Dragon wep appear on the most of the players waas with R99 +6 and the one was hitting with 10m dmg, same will happend now. Dont forget that there is not NC foult that all you players are so greedy for items and you probably will sell your own mother for dragon wep.
  4. If you compare random's player global chat with the hero chat on Chronos community you will find much better language and contents on those "meaningless people" then on you big hero's.
  5. The game is just a show on. 1 player with 25-40 online box that play everything by him self. There are some party under the term of CP but nothing to do with the old L2. Imaging an ally of 600 players attacking Aden. Now the same thing is being done with 3 dragon wep and 3 pets/iss, that will non stop on hero chat b i tc h ing for the next 14 days. Get an idea from Nova/MS + DrunkMadVekio . P.S. On sleeping time aka afk macro Nova/MS + DrunkMadVekio farm hand by hand on SOS.
  6. "You guys" how the GM / Admin / Forum or any one of the NCWest has the same access to this files as you do. Why you don't fix it??? If the Korean will fix and send it the employ of NCWest will uplead it. Personally i belive that NCWest don't have any access to the server (probably a rr command from inside the game) and everything is control RDP from korea. NCWest just advertise, CRM and sell NCoins to the clients. Put that on your head.
  7. First there are no beginners so stop the QQ about beginners since there is no one. I convinced a player to give official a try 2 months a go and when he saw how much far was from a +12 pvp/pve without ncoins he just kindly don't login any more. So STOP pretending that you care about new players. The only one that use that quest are the same that abuse any other game system.
  8. Good 50%. The reason i gave only 50% it is cose it is only half done work. Since there is no penalty should also not be a safe town. Probably only in 1 area of the world but not in any town. Since some one decide to be a pk then he/she should fight his/her way out. You see Ex pk players that are afk. I can understand to pk a party of wynn that already are dmging the game for so long. Bot system that can ress/go town and come back automatically, but pk a main char by hitting for almost 5 min to kill, not cool at all. It loos the purpose of the idea that is behind of this action.
  9. Just dont make town a safe zone.
  10. you, get what you deserve from the moment you bought Ncoins and use them to l2store . Forget about that button , play your game ignore all the keyboard warriors that the only life success is some pixels in a server and you will see that you eventually will get that item for free from a quest or some adena, you get the point.
  11. So, hello everyone. The server is down.The mighty Chronos with it heavy status today finally is down. My 85 macro bots confirm that.
  12. Net income for 2018 = 358 mil $ from your Ncoins. What you get is a STFU. You must have a little bit more respect for your self since you are the client after all.
  13. Ask any one age of 16 - 28 if know what l2 is and you will see how few are the one that know that is a game. Invest in Ncoins when NC don't invest on l2.
  14. That's why price for event on l2store should higher then 12k Ncoins. What is happening here here that ticket price is to low and everyone is spending 100$ / day to buy them. That automatically create a stress on big whales and it is not fair. Price are to low. Not everyone should buy ticket every day for just 100$ and be competitive "with the bis whales". On next even probably Nc should sale a ticket for lets say like 16k that will give you permissions to buy tickets to play in this event. That is fair i think . Ppl are worried what if they dont get a chance to use the last 500. It
  15. How many $$$ you spend in last 3 months? There is your answer. Without 400-500 you better stay in town. Also every one that say that are others ways to make adena without spending are the one that already have spend 10k and now are getting some profit from that invest. Your items are a bit low for anything from this update and the next ones.
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