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  1. Bring Back XP Boost

    when was the last one of you that offered a duo k99, or a duo Helios etc etc to a random normal player. Never saw that on global..... On global are just the spam QQ trush msg of fail hero and ego noobs that all spots are full and their ego don't let a free place for others.
  2. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    And how you will fill the gap between one 30k $ char that hit with 1b dmg and the one that play honest with out the visa scam option on?
  3. Producer's Letter - January 2019

    You are loosing and you are losing to fast, and sad is you allready know why. And will not look good on LinkedIn.
  4. January 2019 Preview

    Happy new year.
  5. Super Damage? Or Hack?

    That it is a very low dmg you got there. if you think that toon on sieg with pvp set +11, with rose, diamond lvl3, 105/103 get, 14k pdef get 1.5m dmg easy from aoe. So wlc to the official l2. Also don't forget that are many ways to do bill of adena every day without spending ncoins and playing 2-3 hours a day.
  6. Dimensional Siege

    So you are a clan leader that lives in eu and want to get or upgrade a dragon wep. Ok! Anything else you wan't to order??? Don't forget to send it directly too @Juji. Also don't forget to cc on you msg @T.J. Kim.
  7. Start by posting on the right section. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/
  8. Personally i think that going to the past it is just wrong. The past is the past and should stay in our memory. Playing this game it is a personal choice based on the evolution and the progress of the game/friends etc . I really don't get the players that want to play with c grade again and just don't ask for a wipe on live server with the l2store that ncsoft chose to have on classic (not that it will remain in this form for long time. Soon you will see exclusive top items on classic l2store). PVE was never the propose of l2. You use PVE to play PVP, that was l2. Staying on killing Balok 9999999 times has no point if we don't compare our game skill lvl to each other. In any case i probably have some wrong opinion since it is the opposite what the majority of players do in reality. No less i failed to help the community to bring more players to MMORPG. But really i dont know what to do. Twice i lost my friend/cp from major game change without warning (we are 35 + and don't have the time any more to justify the "GM .do what they want and don't have to apologies to any one policy"). For the moment i as many other play with my 3 or 6 box depend on the activity a MMORPG. That is the current state. P.S. Players are being more rude day by day.
  9. Draecke, Jinkariya, OmenOfSteel and every one of the regular forum members that know in first hand of the live server's situation can pls answer two simple question come's in my mind . If you guys stop playing in how many years will a new play be able to match you with the current drop and game play situation? Just a simple info. I invited few days ago a friend of mine to join live server and gifted him one of my box. This player is a very professional l2 pvp player with huge success in many illegal servers. The toon i gave is a yul 103 with +11 set pvp, +13 3 sa bow , full str and dex dyes, +10 legendary pvp cloak , pvp belet , lvl3 jewl, dragon shirt, tauti ring, bless athy, and sme other things that it is not easy to farm and dont find them down the road... what i am saying that the char cost few bill and still is just 1 hit toon. Ofc when my friend saw how hard is to farm and how easy he can die ... he left. So the second question: How we can wlc the new play to join?
  10. Once again you are on the wrong forum section as probably you was on the wrong party or with wrong "friends". Just for your info i got ban once (*7 years ago) and no matter what i was saying .... blablabla not my fault , nc lose blablabla .... in the bottom of the line i know that i made a bad choice. So Keyboard Gangster just keep walking.
  11. November 2018 Preview

    Or you can just make a discount off for something that already is on l2store just 70% off. Example: Ultimate Pack for only 3200 Ncoin just for Black Friday. Creating a new pack just for discount is marketing fraud of what you want to sell without a discount.
  12. There is no one that can delete dragon wep, and I am not saying about Hime, Juji that don't have that kind of power , i am speaking about, T.J. Kim him self . Dragon wep are like nuclear wep. No one can survive. The owner will lack of oponents, the rest will just ignor this game and will move to a more balance one. And this cancer start with the free +16 dark wep that the previous producer dropped on pay to win events. I got a +16 bow twice just because I payed and made a +10 shirt. How much did I f.ked the rest of player game in just one day.
  13. Is this what L2 is all about?

    Classic Server: https://youtu.be/AIVcZ6XB7BA?t=136 Live Server: https://youtu.be/D_hOHqY_SMk?t=42
  14. Is this what L2 is all about?

    There are illegal server's with 10k or more players, supported by data center with minimum lag and work's without login or game problem's . It is all what you pay is what you have. NCSoft don't have resources even to keep old forum just for legacy. All server's probably are under same machine but nc never clearly report player's where their payment go for. In serous illegal servers you will find a section that say, what infrastructure that have and where payment go for. Hf.
  15. cant log in

    Wrong Section. You should post it here "https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/34-classic/" and check https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/7669-server-aden-off/?tab=comments#comment-60482 that has been open already.