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  1. @Juji @Hime define that one "Naia will undergo additional server optimizations to reduce the server latency delay". After the queue the reduce of the mobs, reduce of the spawn, daily maintenance without warning on any forum, dc i m afraid to ask what wil be next the moment you have events on server that brings more people on.
  2. @Juji we are experienced mass dc especially since yesterday's urgent maintenance. Are you aware of that? Any info of what went wrong...again?
  3. @JujiSince you gonna remove the supply box and daily coin and the clan quests will still be on what is gonna replace them? Clan shop if there is not supply box and daily coins must be change can you provide us with info about what will replace them? Also you re telling us that the latency issue still on but yet we give you server settings to go xp but you have to have vitality to gain the 300% why not have xp at least 200%? Maybe you forgot to provide us that you ll give us also maintening potions for have the full boost settings?And if the latency still on how we ll use them to max? Are you s
  4. @Juji yes the lag started again, sometimes your toon doesnt hit at all. Its like before but not all the times (but very often). Are you aware of that? Are you sure the server can handle the ranking system? When it was deactivated all was good.
  5. And another question you said the queue will increased so there will always that queue or it ll be back as before (where you could enter whenever you wanted to play and not wait for hours) when you make stable the server?
  6. When we have more info about the removal of the queue? A lot of people cannot get online to play I guess tomorrow will have more info just like today? Will it takes 1-2 days or more? Already patience is running out for a lot of people that have to wait 2 hours to play (if the wait).
  7. @Sesh noone of us has any problem with that. And i asked friends noone had same problem. At the shout noone complained too. Are you sure your post isnt fake alarm for gms?
  8. what about the queue? when you re gonna remove it? server has issues weeks now that means the queue will stay till then? imagine someone wait 2hour to login and then a msg about maintenance show up.
  9. Hahaha another good joke. You think that the people answer your ticket will really care? They ll probably tell you your pc has problem and you cant login or your internet or any other automated answer. The people that working on ticket dont know whats going on on game they dont know even know about the updates on game and they give advices with things that got deleted.
  10. If they care about us they would be here. I m sure they do know the result of their actions. But hours later we have a gm show up for 10 mins and thats all. Big big fail
  11. 183 players to queue CONGRATS @Juji @Hime and your team very very clever. You prefer someone to wait one hour to log. And lag is here from time to time. It would be more "clever" to put 3 client limit and let the freedom to someone to be able to play the moment that wants and not have us wait one hour till we get the number but you dont care isnt it? You did that and dissapear. Gm buffs wont save us you know.... We want answers, why so many people cant log in now the moment you admit there are bots (and you also admit you cannot do anything about that but leave them exist cause you failed in t
  12. I dont know how you farm, the ways you use or what what what but if you are on your pc and check your char and do instance etc you would realize the problem exists. Besides gm knows it and thats why they all these actions. So if gm says there is a problem and the rest of us and you think all is good i have nothing to say. Conclusions is yours....
  13. Ranking system. And players that gives false or semi-completely info doesnt help. He is refering in two specific times and he didnt refer the server till now. Besides he thinks gm do all those test by false alarm. I m sure they tested and they realize people saying about lag etc are telling the truth and that why they act. Give us a reason why you dont remove completely the ranking system so we stop telling about that. And @Juji wait 30 mins so you can login isnt funny.....
  14. @Jujifor weeks now you have us "suffer" play and enjoy the game to the minimum now wait what 30 mins or more to log in? And you really think thats the problem that cause the lag? Are you kidding us? If you spot when the problem started it ll be easier. The server population was like that months now but never caused a problem. Or the mobs...I hope you reverse it soon... We re telling you to remove the ranking but you tend to ignore us. Whatever...
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