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  1. How are we going to be grateful to this "team" hahaha, you should be kidding me.

    1. People ask for BOOSTS because the rates are fcked up, just because they wanted to offer a "free game" but well, how can we earn money? Lets fck up the game, and if some1 wants to play a REAL Classic, he would need to be VIP 4 (50€ + 12€/monthly), so IS NOT FREE, or u can call "free" to the hell of not beeing allow to teleport/use SS because of their costs (and dont wanna talk about p2w items that they TOLD in an early Q&A video that wouldnt appear in the game).

    2. Even in the unoficcial servers, you can see the GMs roaming around and BANNING the bots, did u ever see a single GM ingame here? Looks like they dont know what's Lineage 2, they just following some instructions like robots, and bots roaming without any problem. (Apply the same to Adena sellers).

    3. The servers are unestable as bleep, after 6 months in an OFFICIAL server. HAHAHA

    4. Go and check the innova's forum, and check what admins are doing there, they are much more active, helping the community, doing some experiments to check the rates of the things and whatever, look this admins, usually they dont respond to ANYBODY, but when they do, you just get a "sorry we are not".

    The best we can learn from this is that even beeing bad in your job, you still can earn money / live doing that, so everytime i think about this and how @hime/@juji (and the backoffice if there exist someone behind them) are still up and "working" i raise my self-steem

  2. 3 minutes ago, Aurinya said:


    Thank you for your reports. There is a network interruption we are investigating. Please bear with us while we are working to resolve the issue. 


    yea mate, thank you for your effort, look the pinned threads, you have like 3 of them talking about conection/login issues since mora than 2 weeks ago, (and dont want to talk about bots/adena sellers) but do you really have people working on it? or are you trolling us? you remember the last wednesday maintenance? supossed to be 9 hours just to "migrate the servers", it took about 12 hours, and 4 days later, the same problem comes. Dont troll us please. This is AN OFFICIAL SERVER.

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