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  1. I just used rebirth with cardinal aeore and it didn't heal me,I'm waiting to reload to test
  2. don't restore pt mana by hitting mob I'm at a party where the healer is out of mana and my feoh runs out of mana quickly (sorry bad english)
  3. now party mana doesn't restore by hitting mobs now you can not leave in the macro please change it now mana restores itself if it kills fast
  4. what is the fair price for ssr and bssr workshop?
  5. Srfausto


    each Luc point increases the chance of falling by as how much?Sorry bar english
  6. I would like to receive the items because I paid 90 kk
  7. they give a gift when it's char birthday and not the person's birthday
  8. I did not get a birthday present. I was forgotten by ncsoft? I sent ticket
  9. Usually in some games the leader is open for who pick up would like to know if we have the same thing or something? the Leader gave up playing what to do?
  10. Is the return of the certificate possible? we have an option but we do not have the certificate or pay 100kk My motive is a sub that I did not like
  11. I wanted to know if I can win daily coin.
  12. I would like to see a quest list I don't mean a mission clan
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