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  1. 1. Remove all adena drops from monsters in all area for level 1-76. 2. Strengthen all monsters difficulty in any area from level 76 and above. 3. Make all new items untradeable. 4. Put PvE stone in L2store for 8000 coins or whatever you like, its function so players can not be killed or kill another player just like rune XP stone. 5. Enchance rewards for Castle Siege.
  2. if on giran server i follow raid with randoms if you have friends or clan that does raid boss, it be so easy
  3. by breaking your weapon/armor when you enchanting it +7 or higher if im not mistaken
  4. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Balthus_Knights_-_Baium https://l2wiki.com/classic/Balthus_Knights_-_Antharas https://l2wiki.com/classic/Balthus_Knights_-_Zaken https://l2wiki.com/classic/Clan_-_Clan_Arena
  5. yea no crossbow but rapier and ancient sword still there according to plaync
  6. maybe use 1 of jewel to turn into gemstone powder and sell it to fund for dualclass reset i only think of that as solution for this time around
  7. we still have a few day before wednesday, really hoping our producer can change his mind and bring back fioti not the cake
  8. im gonna check wow remastered then, thanks
  9. dexs


    lvl99 for that clan buff IINM
  10. if u make iss just for buff it good to make dual iss spectral dancer for warrior harmony lvl2 at lvl 103 it will get that if your dps is physical type class if mage iss sword muse pom 101 iss heiro+harmony lvl2 for dps idk if they will change all harmony lvl2 same like iss doomcryer harmony lvl1 all 3 types combined into 1 but lvl2 seems differ if u play iss as main char it would nice to make dual that can share same armor and weapon
  11. dunno about live servers but on classic i found afew from oz
  12. just use knight tree for more hp and p/mdef also for skill cooldown on that tree
  13. https://l2wiki.com/Subclasses#Subclass_skills
  14. can give an example any online game old ones like this have remastered version? dont count BDO its still new i reckon
  15. npc shadai sell it he is in heine
  16. can try buy 40-50k 1bil xp scroll but its long macro oh and no sp tho am sure u can find plvl seller on shouts
  17. dexs


    fioti went AWOL
  18. 2 wings alright with transformation skill at lvl20, 40, 60, 70
  19. This event might be the best of celebration yet thus named ultimate but issue like this hindering it really hoping you can turn things around, its not too late and we can wait for it
  20. if u dont have twilight or r95 u can take it from ur subclass lvl 40 reset subclass u get 1 set paulina twilight permanently its still ok to farm with it till u got ur goal
  21. before update people usually farm Adventurer faction quest and sell gemstone powder for their funds to buy r99 or any items they want, its tedious and long but its free now I am not sure but if u can box several toons u might wanna check Pavel Ruins coz alot of bots there to farm adena and its for lvl85 so u can make new toon in 20mins to 85 with new quest in gludio also Refinery Core but its tougher and not sure about the adena drops there now its for lvl99-101
  22. 1. if u dont have subclass make another and u will get permanent paulina R grade twilight for corresponding class so for robe and staff u can pick mage subclass, same thing for your archer make new subclass and lvl it from quest at Tarti in Gludio town if u want those subclasses skill but if u already have it will stay if u reset 1 subclass last time I check before new update for sure u have done subclass quest coz u have dualclass so if u have 2 more subclass reset each at a time, those armor and weapon automatically given to u at lvl40 any class 2. adventurer questline currently bu
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