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  1. Wish these posts would just pass away [content moderated]. L2 classic isn’t dead. More people macro so they can farm adena and items. Less bots that I see, but some are still there, they’re east to identify. Theres a much larger macro population. Population on “talking island” is high. The game is doing fine. I’m a big fan of classic, but I enjoy the new additions. if you don’t enjoy the game don’t play. If you do, do. Is “do, do” shitty to say?
  2. Shansung


    SPS, SORC, and SH are all great choices... I just retired my 78 Ghost sentinel in favor of an SPS. I already have a 77 sorc and use my cousins 75 SH from time to time. SH is arguably the best due to its arsenal of spells, silence, etc, but it doesn’t have the good AOE spell at 58 that SPS and Sorc get. That’s the best AOE spell in the game. SPS has interesting tools in its tool bag as well. Among them are powerful DOT’s and slows, which will F up any high defense char. While normal spells lose their damage against high magical resistance, like someone using ultimate defense, your DOT
  3. How poetic in the sense of irony here... let’s put the ***** in analyzation of your own statement. You’re literally doing exactly what you criticized him for, “complaining” about a complainer. Do you realize that? He wasn’t trying to take anything up with NC anyways. He was defending their position and explaining the reasoning behind nerf’ing. Now I’ve walked in your footsteps and complained about a complainer who complained about a complaint. Let’s break the cycle.
  4. What you’re saying makes sense to me, as far as packet loss. Some clients lose packets while others don’t. That would definitely fit the bill. I’m currently living in VA. I’ve been plagued with weekly disconnects since the start of the server. It doesn’t happen daily, so I’m not super pissed, but when 3-4 clients on 3 Pc’s DC, it’s annoying AF to relog. It literally takes about 30 mins to log everything in from beginning to end. Let this be a testament to how much Cox sucks. On a happier note, I’m military and moving to FL in a few months. They’ve got fiber available there. Someo
  5. They probably do get disconnected too, but the 3rd party software is so superior, they can automatically relog and party up, then begin their hunt again. I haven’t touched a 3rd party program since I got punished on l2classic.club many years ago, but the software is incredibly intuitive and advanced. It is 1000x better than what macro’s can achieve. Macros are legal though, so stick to that. Btw, there’s server police out there that PK macro users and call them bots, but you’re only hurting the legit player base by doing that. Real bot program users are super easy to identify and they
  6. The disconnects are not always due to instability of a persons connection... I run 3 PC’s with 9 clients each, leveling up random toons and trying out combos of the “perfect” L2 squad, and I’ll get disconnected on 3-4 clients on 2-3 PC’s, but the rest of the clients stay in game just fine. If it was instability on the players side, all would disconnect. Random client disconnects have happened to me since the beginning of the server. I just accepted it as some sort of function server side to detect bots or open space up for other players. It still happens now, though not as often. Used
  7. You made this forum account 11 hours ago and you’re nearly 5 days late on posting about nectars. You’ll have to strike this one up as a loss and pay closer attention next time brother. Use whatever chars you made to help boost new chars. So my suggestion is this: Make new characters, preferably 1 tank like a DA, 1 orc buffer, and several summoners. Summoners do not need weapons because their summon is their weapon. They will be fine in moon armor. Use the new accounts to get new dual swords and enjoy the game. IMO: 1 Dark avenger, 1 warcryer, 1 warlock, 1 phantom summoner, 3 el
  8. Focus death adds 90% crit damage, TH is lacking one of those major damage buffs that PW and AW get. You can use hide to ambush sneak someone, so they won’t see you coming, and they have two skills that allow you to see the back... bluff turns the enemy’s back to you and shadow walk ports you to their back, each having a stun mechanic built in. TH is great too but AW and PW gets a good bit more damage due to this.
  9. Level up the actual recharge skill itself.
  10. Mind elaborating a bit more? Pretend as if someone that knows nothing of what you’re talking about, actually cares. Explain using words in a cohesive and concise way. Right now I have no idea what you’re saying. Give details. You want something fixed? Put in the effort to state what is wrong and how to fix it.
  11. I believe their response was already delivered in full, wasn’t it? 50% XP rune free, 2x gift box daily, 50% server XP boost. Other gifts and continued nectar event. That pretty much sums it up other than the P2W item.
  12. Unless the summoner uses spells and attacks itself. Can it proc riding a mount? No. And it shouldn’t. A mage never melees, right? So why would it proc only from melee attacks. Makes sense a melee char activates it by meleeing. That’s uh, kind of a melees job, to melee. Doesn’t proc from skills? Big deal. Autoattack some. You can’t compare a mage whose sole damage is from spells, to a melee that has both skills and melee to proc from. See the logic?
  13. It fails vs whites, greens, and light blues often? I haven’t noticed that. Don’t farm red or pink with it.
  14. Experiment some, why take other people’s word for it? Summoners are the cheapest no SS route to farm. That and buffers to increase their efficiency and power. Don’t bot. Use in game macros. Adena farming low lv is as good as high level, minus the drops. Farm spell books by leveling to 40 on a group of toons. Ant nest, forgotten temple, cruma are popular. Make 9 accounts, a tank, 5 dps, and 3 buffer/healer types. Orc is usually the best and preferred melee buffer. Maybe a SWS and BD as the final 2 slots.
  15. Here’s an idea... farm without SS. They’ve made it as KISS (keep it simple stupid) as possible. Make macros, farm without SS, earn adena, repeat. Farm some spellbooks for adena too, since you get free boxes for a chance at lv 40.
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