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  1. Hi! now there is no need for class quest. just up 20 Lvl and take ur desired class. I don't play for a while but I hope I'm not mistaken.
  2. guys, thank you for the fast response. at least now I know, that the dc is on my side.
  3. 1) Disconnects. i remember the times when there was no disconnects, less then half a year ago. but now it is impossible to stay online. once in a blue moon characters can stay online for the whole night. sometimes i have disconnects 2-3 times in 4 hours. is it only having this problem? i dont think so... 2) spoil rates. sometimes i need mats and parts for craft, but it takes several weeks to spoil decent amount of parts for craft (thanks to dead market also). are you going to change spoil rates? 3) forum. is there somebody who read forum and answer as soon as possible on vital issue
  4. for those who run spoilers or keep it in a party, this is not normal, cause, obviously, the chance is ridiculously low. I would like to hear the answer from @Juji and @Hime also.
  5. keep your hands off the Gludio. I have started on Gludio due to low population. go to Giran or TA. no merge needed
  6. @Hime @Juji please, leave a comment regarding the problem
  7. I believe most of players wants to go back in time 3 weeks before, when we had Orihana event. now the game doesnt give any joy so my questions are: what and when are the next events? can we have a schedule of future events? do we have any options? can we vote for desired events?
  8. i dont want afk/macro. my main is WL, i was making trains through the location and my CP used to AOE mobs. but now it is POINTLESS, cause there is no spoil from mobs, so u cant get aditional adena from junk u sell. Aligators Island always was a location to gather adena from it. now, there is no profit, cause all adena i get i waste on healing pots and SS.
  9. adena is fine? fine to buy from L2store? pls, give us a link where authorities told u so.
  10. @Hime @Juji Is it obvoius only for me, that we still love L2 classic, but now it is almost impossible to play, because, it is cheaper to stay in town then to farm. at lvl 45 i couldnt find a spot were i win in a race called "exp vs pots and SS". soon i run out of adena to afford SS, then i will refuse using healing pots. i have already half of my CP left the game because of adena/drop/spoil issue. therefore, pls, answer IS IT GOING TO BE CHANGED? i dont want to waste time here... we, players, especially those who buy VIP want a fair game, we dont want to buy SS for a daily needs from
  11. there is no need in merge. i'm from Gludio. i dont want to fight for spots. dont want being PKed by 70+ archers.
  12. pls tell me where did u find a spot with 1kk/hour
  13. how many silver coins u get per 100 mobs aproximitely?
  14. i second that. any information yet?
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