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  1. hi, i was wondering if anyone is capable to farm well in lets say, ketra/ varka/ deep giants cave ect? arent the mobs a little too op?
  2. so with last update the party exp level penalty was removed for 4 weeks. i have some questions. 1. while the higher lvls in the party get for say 50k exp on kill the lower levels get like 1-2k.(i would imagine this happens bcuz of the lvl difference between the mob and the lower lvls) so like.... what was even the point in removing the penalty if you cant exp properly? i mean the exp is even less than going fishing. 2. while having lower lvls in the party mobs will not drop anything. again, if the penalty is removed and you give your lower lvls very little exp and you also
  3. can anyone clarify if xp rune 50% (7 day) would stack with the warriors experience amulet 50% (7 day) that we get at lvl 76?
  4. so im lvl 67 and up to this point ive been saving scrolls from daily missions so that i could reach lvl 68 really fast. now https://l2wiki.com/classic/Character_Level clearly shows that for me to get to lvl 68 i need 265,789,703 exp so thats 27 of 10kk scrolls in total, yet using all of the scrolls gave me about 50%. is the data on a wiki page false or did they mess up the lvl charts in game? like the drop rates ect.
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