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  1. In the enchantments notes: https://www.lineage2.com/news/zodiac-agathion +6 Capricorn Agathion M. Critical Rate +7%Cooldown of M. SkillsSongs/Dances -1% However in game its registered as: (in description and in skills from item) M. Critical Rate +7%Cooldown of P. SkillsSongs/Dances -1% Will this be fixed? @Juji @Hime
  2. Pony Buff

    The buff from Pony can only be done once. For example if i buff myself and then try to invite the party member and try giving him pony buff it does not allow me to do that unless i manually cancel the buff on myself. This makes no logical sense at all as all buffs from all characters are spamable multiple times. @Juji
  3. Patch Notes for 2020.01.15

    "With the nerfed adena rates, its already nearly impossible to cover the cost of shots, but now you will remove Spiritshots and force mages to use Blessed Spiritshots? You already made crystals almost worthless by removing SS craft from game, and now you will lower the adena value of crap items? Noone is crafting anyway, and now you make mats and keys worthless as well" Better wake up or you will completely kill this game @Juji
  4. Event Extensions

    +1 for extension of the event for 1 week
  5. +1 for event extension @Juji
  6. so whats for new years, completely nothing? useless people.
  7. So there is only $ signs in your heads without no sort of imagination at all? How about something simple like let Santa auto visit all players and randomly give out gifts? Xp + pay to win box GREAT JOB.
  8. Legendary Hero

    Dude you realize we are in lineage 2 classic topic? Whats naia and chronos have to do with this. Im asking why classic does not have a legend hero as posted by juji but it is available in olympiad ranking.
  9. Legendary Hero

    what does that mean? why do we have the legend in the ranking then? Legend 0 / Hero 4 is my status. If legend is not available to us? @Juji
  10. https://l2wiki.com/classic/Nebula's_Necklace if you look at wiki, any elemental neck supposed to give 100 attack/defense rate. it only gives defense for us, no attack. Explanation please. @Juji @Hime
  11. The automatic use of favourite transformation does not work properly. When you click "ALL ON" it either does nothing or does 1 cycle of all transforms and then stops doing them. Can we get a fix on this? @Juji @Hime
  12. Olympiad Rewards

    hero recieves nothing but a useless buff....all players get HP pots for participating in Olympiad. so yes they have killed the fun out of it.
  13. So the paid item Bracelet of fate on which you literally had to spend tons of NCoin on, has now been automatically changed to Bracelet lvl 4 which you can now buy at npc. This was not listed in the patch notes, also do you not see that you just scammed people who spend $ on the bracelet? I think its time for someone to do a law suit, this is getting beyond ridiculous. @juji @hime
  14. Umm Hello, over here! How about we do a server merge instead of this "brilliant cross server hero" ?? I mean that would make so much sense wouldn't it... You guys always seem to have some shocking news.
  15. 84 - 85 is bugged

    maybe you can answer me why event hat skills not working in Olympiad here but work in Korea? @Hyunkel