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  1. you need to go to record, obsidian and the other and kill 200 mobs to change mobs to larva or wait the macro ppl change room and kill those mobs
  2. you have very expensive gear, i see you no have problem to kill in GC lower
  3. https://twitter.com/L2andAionOps/status/961261161042927616 https://twitter.com/L2andAionOps/status/961261161042927616
  4. Where the "Mimillion" appear Because I traveled all lower and did not see any "Mimillion"
  5. no more scroll fame in prestige pack
  6. The clan is level 8, but I do not have the points mentioned and not how to get them
  7. And where I claim the points?
  8. Someone could explain to me how to get those points? https://ibb.co/cUqq4m
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