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  1. what profession do you have? are you doing the missions they give you when you started the character? Or is it one you already had and you're back to playing?
  2. I tried about 500 times and a couple of years until I get the augment I wanted, it's a matter of patience and adena...
  3. my bad, I trusted the translator and he betrayed me...
  4. I can't enter game, the launcher doesn't work, I disconnect
  5. I can't play for 3 days, because I disconnected the server. the launcher doesn't work
  6. For a couple of hours I can not enter the game, tells me that it is firewall problem, internet, etc. But don't change any settings. The launcher closes automatically, starts but does not load. Someone who can help me with the subject? @Juji @Hime
  7. Lineage 2 is undergoing regular inspections .
  8. 2 mentee= 1 scroll, so you need 24 mentee for 12 enchants... if I'm not mistaken
  9. I have a suscription, but i only recieve a normal prestige pack https://ibb.co/s9mGsp2
  10. in to the main class, double clic and use
  11. you can easily level up in blazing swamp up to 102
  12. I have an ertheia and I normally get the pauline r set by https://www.bing.com/translator/
  13. depending on the level, it's the % you get 1b Exp in lv99 give +/- 0.01% (100 / 0.01 = 10k) " " " lv101 +/- (here 5 scroll give 0.01%) (0.01 / 5 = 0.002%) (100 / 0.002 = 50k) etc etc all this is from my experience
  14. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/12749-lineage-ii-fafurion-update-preview/?do=findComment&comment=92816
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