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  1. Economic Issue

    setup... party macros..
  2. this is such a bullshit.. we spend 200 nccoins and we still have a chance to receive 20 crystal b? like what, 100k adena... this is the worse lottery I ever saw
  3. Low adena drop rate? AGAIN?

    Sure @Hime, I stayed hunting in Silent valley for a week, and I was earning an average of 25k adena per hour. The thing that made me ask that is because i noticed that a lot more mobs do not drop any adena at all, but those who drop, still dropping the same amount of adena that was before. So I started to check how much I am earning now and I'd say it is an average of 15k adena per hour. So I'll suggest you in investigating the drop rate instead of the drop amount (even I still think the drop amount is too low :x)
  4. Are you serious? Did you lower adena drop again? It is half than it was before, which was pretty low, and now it is worse.. wtf @Juji @Hime
  5. hold your horses lads at least now we are getting some free xp
  6. Warrior 50% XP Event Charm

    congratulations, you just found the first issue of this event... cheers!
  7. @Hime @Juji may i ask you guys how do you feel provoking so much rage and discontentment to your player base? i mean, we should be your focus, if you guys are making us, players, happy, we do spend more money in game, but you are doing totally the inverse, you are causing rage on us, forcing us to spend more money to try to make things better, but it did not get any better, and we became more and more frustrated.. so eventually we will quit the game, we will complain in every place about ncsoft and how do you deal with lineage, and we will prevent new players to join your server, and so you will lose your profit.. this is how every market works... think about it please
  8. bullshit!!!! unbelievable you took so long to do nothing
  9. is there any news about the fix of the fix of the event?
  10. @Juji @Hime please can you answer us about this 150%? because it seems it is just 50% boosted right now
  11. so the patch notes comes only after the server goes live again as usual or we can know what is coming before it comes?
  12. Increase buff duration

    you must be kidding me we have pretty much ZERO adena in this game and you are complaining for a thing that is like since the beginning lol