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  1. what you have to do then according to what juji says is to stop buying at these events for the rich I have spent about 100 e in this event but it is the last time `I prefer to have only the prestige pack and when I have 700b of adena that will be there for 3021 I will buy some top item
  2. Hello, it is true that area was very good a long time ago but already everything has focused on IoS ToI for the top of the game and BS and Beleth areas for beginners tanor and neutral for the poor that we want one day to have 600 b or more XD is an illusion and few more areas to grow xp and a little adena (without prestige pack is to lose money) the rest of the immense map of l2 is wasted and an area that I like very much that is forge of gods is veryyyyy abandoned for my liking
  3. Thanks ihyperlite but I do not understand why all the characters need both the element and the daggers is not something that I do not finish understanding and how it is that I do more damage to the bosses now than before the difference is brutal by going up a level to 115 will it rise more?
  4. the problem I have in TOI is that my iss box is 107 I have not leveled it much yet And the other thing is that I can't get past 1700 attribute attack and in TOI it takes more than 1800 to hunt well
  5. in the weapon I have p skill crit dmg 17% and in the elmore +10 layer I have p skill crit dmg 7,5% artifacts p skill crit dmg lvl 5 of fighting and balance I just need to update the dragon shirt to the top version and the What I also need is to enchant the attack skills at +20 at the moment I have them at +10 and one at +13 Ufff but growing in ToI are big words I have tried to go with my iss box with PoM but it costs me a lot to kill they have a lot of damage and I kill them in three or four hits I think I still have a lot to improve, the ideal there is to kill 1 or 2 hits
  6. I think that opening 200 boxes and the best items are a jewelry box lvl 5 or 4 I do not fix well a talisman 7 signs I bear a joke but I will not tell anyone where their money is spent, I am not like that Now I think that in 200 boxes two or more blood zariche or dragon claws could drop some other stage 1 dragon weapon or else more purple potions will drop deton but hey, you will notice that there are fewer and fewer purchases of event boxes note that in cities there are more people buying items than selling and those who sell sell at prices that I find difficult to wri
  7. hello ihyperlite I have right now Red cat lvl 4 Ruby lvl 5 and the artifact skill power 11% I bought everything today and the damage of my character has increased a lot Now if the artifact is not necessary for a lvl 114 othell that went up today; D I would sell it to accumulate adena for the cat network lvl 5 or buy another ruby 5
  8. Hi guys, if I have the opportunity to buy these items, what would be your option and your opinion
  9. hello good morning it would be great to be able to recover lost items since I have burned about 12 insanity talismans to create heaven ......... but I very much doubt that this is implemented here Korea is another game different from this
  10. hello seeing the failure of this box event (again) Why don't you implement the impossible item store for 99% of the remaining players? You would earn more money as people would equip their entire parties with items that always control the top of the game. and you cut this manipulation and price inflation that already borders on the absurd And this is for those who say that I cry or cry. Won't you be one of those who is selling adena and items for real money? People do not cry to have a top dragon weapon or anything like that simply express their complaint of reaching l
  11. ah well i'm confused rim kamaloka was not the institution in which there were prizes for lvl 105 110 and 120 that gave the 120 the possibility that the great ruby and sapphire lvl 5 would fall? well i'm confused so i'm sorry Even so, I have the bracelete and it does not improve my damage much and more if you go to areas 113 + it does not show but hey I hope it is within the reach of most players and not just a few But believe me if I tell you that I have the +10 bracelet and I do not remember the stay, my mother, I am very lost
  12. If the rim kamaloka is going to be the top items for the usual ones, the top of the game better that they close the servers and finish before and less headaches for them
  13. I hope that if they put another event it will be to replace tonic, ice roses, deton purple, beers Already from the great items I do not expect anything that the usual ones play 100% of the game and that more dragon and zariche weapons are made and items +10 I'll stay farming in my xp spot so happy
  14. Hi guys that they make a fun and life event for the servers I am satisfied
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