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  1. hello ladies and gentlemen of lineage 2 it hurts to say this but this game is over. I started in 2010 and I have experienced server crisis in some updates but this is the worst by far apart from the fact that it is a game that is no longer attractive, the limitation of characters and complexity to become a good character either pvp or pve has discouraged me a lot This game has lost all its essence even in the classic but it is what touches life and this game has come to an end and we will have to look for new challenges and more dynamic games. Sadly I will abandon this wonderful game
  2. it will not be that they want to bore us so that we leave the game and thus close the servers ajjajajaja I am joking
  3. hello good afternoon I'm interested in knowing when the brooch jewelry events will return to make me the great sapphire that I need
  4. M Critical rate

    hello guys and girls from l2 I would like to know how to improve the M Crit rate of my magician is lvl 107 in my opinion it has very few critics an average of 4 per minute I think there is little someone who has more experience than me in magicians could help me with this doubt
  5. hello good morning this goes to the technical body of l2 and the GameMasters I want to make the great jewels to improve the performance of my character but there are no items on the server (naia) and the few that there are exorbitant prices for collection of adena del I only ask that the jewelry boxes be stabilized in the store of l2 I think this game would be more competitive and 1% of it would not monopolize it and now surely some users will answer me with that I go to another game that if I don't know play that if I am a rookie and more insults so do not bother save ink this message goes to GMs (juji) and bodywork :)
  6. Rare Accesory

    Rare Accesory is permanent in store?
  7. L2 Store with new items

    I know they won't do anything but I contribute my opinion as playing veteran I empt when you pay monthly fee
  8. hello lineage 2 administrators and users so that we all have the possibility to equip ourselves without having to spend a fortune of money and dynamize the game and make it more fun for everyone Jewels brooch system 100 box jewels -------4000 ncoins(random) 5 slots radiant brooch-----8000 nccoins lvl 5 jewels random 16000----nccoins(sealed to unseal them would need 100 gemstones pouwders) gemstones powder x100---------4000 ncoins this would be indicative missing things from the brooches but they would already be implemented Ring of Creation System ring of creation ---------400 nccoins 100 emperors------------1200 nccoins ring truth seeker /authority ----------16000 nccoins the latter would be random to +3 would break if they went up to + 1 Artifacts system Magic and Physical Critic artifacts +15%---------------16000 nccoins Epics jewels System Valakas necklace--------4000 nccoins antharas earring----------4000nccoins orfen earring------------1200 nccoins baium-----------1200 nccoins antharas bottles x10------------4000nccoins valakas bottles x10-----------4000ncoins the latter would be random to +3 would break if they went up to + 1 all this is indicative I know that there are many coas missing but to get an idea it's interesting isn't it? I think many of us who have been playing for years and have family who kept interesting these products in the store as it would make the game more dynamic and fun without frustrations and have to leave the game because we did not have a character equipped minimally decent relative to its level since there are many players above level 100 who are not equipped with respect to the demands of the areas of their level this would be for the pve mode for the pvp would already be more professional and ask for help those who know of pvp items that I apo they're going ideas for the l2 store Thank you very much and have a good summer
  9. And those who want to have high-grade brooch jewelry that we do pray to see if we fall any events .... ah not that they don't fall well if they always have 300 online accounts
  10. Insane prices

    Hello good morning to all and I also agree with what has posted M0da I have also posted something about it but it does not matter that we do not pay attention as we are a minority who post these things and if others respect our publication It is instead of insulting us and call us bad players as maybe these issues would be taken more seriously
  11. Hello Sirs and Madam Administrators will come soon the event red Libra is that I need to change my team thank you very much and have a good day. Oh and by the way thanks for improving the jewelry event now fall More sapphires thanks
  12. Disappointing

    Disappointing the truth I've been waiting a lot the event of jewels and you put this...... Random box....... Very high prices for 150 boxes I bought several packs of them only I have left 3 sapphires is a shame the truth and I understand that many are going to illegal servers have adapted this game at least here to certain clans is a shame on my part I can s save you new events do not spend more money in Nccoins I am very disappointed and estpy thinking of quitting the game after 9 years dedicated
  13. Hello good morning to the whole community of the lineage 2. I would like to know if there will be new events in the update of Fafurion or at least more lucrative events or to enhance the characters and accumulate to fabricate disappeared from this game. It would also be good to rethink the themes of the brooch jewels because it is very difficult to get the Lvl4 Y5 and not hanlar that their acquisition is random there will be any change in this regard?
  14. Brooch Jewel Event

    It would be good an event of jewels and that with good jewels is greatly increased the damage and thus not only less than 1% of the players would have the best dps if not that would be better split the ratio and bajarian the prices of the jewels because it is a real madness of prices And I totally agree with Argus should be easier to get the great jewels and remove the monopoly of some who have prices like a sapphire chest to 400 million is crazy
  15. Buster,Caster or Retributer?

    ty i have retributer bloody +14