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  1. Hello good morning to the whole community of the lineage 2. I would like to know if there will be new events in the update of Fafurion or at least more lucrative events or to enhance the characters and accumulate to fabricate disappeared from this game. It would also be good to rethink the themes of the brooch jewels because it is very difficult to get the Lvl4 Y5 and not hanlar that their acquisition is random there will be any change in this regard?
  2. Brooch Jewel Event

    It would be good an event of jewels and that with good jewels is greatly increased the damage and thus not only less than 1% of the players would have the best dps if not that would be better split the ratio and bajarian the prices of the jewels because it is a real madness of prices And I totally agree with Argus should be easier to get the great jewels and remove the monopoly of some who have prices like a sapphire chest to 400 million is crazy
  3. Buster,Caster or Retributer?

    ty i have retributer bloody +14
  4. I would like to know if you implement the NPC to change weapons and armor from dark to bloody without having to re-manufacture the necessary item
  5. m atack or m crit Dmg?

    Hello good morning guys I have a doubt that is better for a wizard Storm Scrammer lvl 105 m Atack or M critical dmg I have a Retributer + 14 bloddy with augment m skill crit dmg 15% and 3sa Empower Mystic Feoh Is that I see many mage weapons oriented to the critical m and I have doubts if I change the SA
  6. Red Libra Event

    hi guys and admin .......next week Red libra event ?
  7. I would like to Seber as farm jewels brooch..... I've seen characters selling a lot of jewels for a long time and I haven't seen a jewels event in 2 years as they get
  8. Buster,Caster or Retributer?

    Hello good morning I would like to some I have a retributer Bloddy + 14 am Feoh Storm Screamer should change the weapon for a caster in the next red pound... Or do I continue with the retributer you advise me?
  9. Because there is no ancient enchant weapon R in the store would be good and ganarian a lot of money if you put them for 4000 nccoins say I.... Would have even more benefits
  10. Hello good morning I would like to know if any of the events that come to Continuaciaon will be for team improvements in the character as the cloak of kingdom and circlets or other damage improvement as this game requires more damage in each update. Also would ask that with the jewels of the brooch and the teams dark and bloddy be done something to trade with them easier to put an NPC that does not ask you to return to farm all again only a few items that can be bought with Nccoins. Greetings and Good Day is my humble opinion of a faithful player
  11. 2 jewels brooch lvl 5

  12. 2 jewels brooch lvl 5

    Hello good morning I would like to help me solve a question that I have when you combine two Jewels level 5 The fusion is 100%?
  13. One exposes a doubt and his opinion and accuse me of being a donor............. No Comments
  14. Hello good morning would like to know if in the new update there will be any NPC to change the type of set or dark weapon by the bloody without having to go through the process of returning to farm again all the items that ask you to create them. Or at least since you like a lot of money create an item to be sold in the store to change..... why not pòr that the whole server gets rid of PVP equipment...... the truth is that I do not understand with all the potential that this game should be more Simple to change the type of character as you come best if you want PvP as you change and the same with PVE is that it would be more logical and if you put it with an item in store would have more benefits.... greetings and Good Day..... as I always give my opinion is not a requirement
  15. comming soons events?

    I think it would be nice to have all the items of vents in the store because many players for different reasons can not access many times to the events for work... family... etc so I leave my opinion I think ganarian more money and people would not pay to companies Bo T.... it's just my opinion not to think the other players