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  1. TY ihyperlite TY dime you are very kind
  2. I have the forgot skill at level 16 And right now in Naia it is impossible to get books and it is crazy to buy them with nccoins would be about 1200 euros or more the economy is not like to throw money in this game
  3. What macro do you use for pve? maybe the macro is wrong
  4. settle for having a weapon at +12 worse they have it, they have only been able to play a few days for the dc and those who have invested a lot of money to now have demonic weapons on a dead server if you have not invested money consider yourself lucky
  5. ihyperlite do you know any guide for othell that is well specified Maybe I have skipped some important step during the development of the character
  6. Hello good morning Changed two dye to skill critical damage and ability power. and still do very little damage to raid bosses however in sel mahum I kill mobs with a single hit, inflicting 1 to 2 million damage without cape with cape I go up to 10 and up to 12 million How can there be so much difference? however i kill baylor 105 with 2 abilities without a cape with a cape of 1 I don't understand anything: S
  7. I have three Level 6 Legendary Dyes critical physical attack my xp zone is sel mahum I only hunt in mobs with an iss dominator And for TOI I have an iss with POM
  8. No, I'm on Naia's server I've come to think that my character has been nerfed for being critical of the Northwest team, but I don't think they will. I think that, without knowing how to play and understand English well, I have taken steps to have a strong character with the elements that I have. and then this game no good guides on how to train a good character Only those of us who don't know very well depend on very kind people like you and a few others. and my problem is that I speak nothing but nothing in English to use discord I'm spanish thanks ihype
  9. dual skill s ......... atack lvl 2 master rage death p atack boost increased adena atack atribute
  10. and in skill points I have p atack lvl 4 element lvl 1 focus lvl 3 rear dmg lvl 2 crit focus lvl 3 crit death lvl 3 crit death wisper lvl 3 battle lvl 2 fire lvl 2 skill reduction lvl 1 blinding atack lvl 2 divine atck lvl 2 combat master lvl 1
  11. kain 11 fire kain 8 death exalted sa vague punishiment
  12. 300,000 hp from the rear with everything activated I think that I have done wrong in the creation of the character because when I was an archer, a lot of equipment happened to me and no damage I do not ask to have the damage of the top of the game that is impossible without investing thousands of dollars but I have friends with less equipment that inflict more damage and that's what I don't understand
  13. lvl 114 greater brooch +5 aries +9 leo +9 scorpio +9 no talismans 30 days crit dmg etc
  14. Hello I would like to know if the damage I do to the Baylor bosses and the Kamaloka is good or bad. I am moderately equipped Elmore cloack legendary +10 7.5 skill crit dmg +16 limited double dagger +8 dark complete set r 110 x3 Legendary Dye lvl 6 Critical Attack dmg B valakas angel ring +6 fallen angel ring +6 blessed atlas radiant circle autho +5 pve wing lvl 3 G ruby lvl 3 G emerald lvl 3 G opal lvl 2 G Aquamarine lvl 2 G diamond lvl 2 Red Cat Eye lvl 4 insanity 7 sing Vernils lvl 20 sayhas talis lvl 6 abundance lvl 4 protection lvl 7
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