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  1. wow this is a hell lot of information, thank you very much.One more question, is it worth it to buy the R grade paulina set with nc coins till i get these gears?
  2. First of all, i wonna thank Auburn,Pleistoros and ChiChele for bothering to answer, i really appriciate it. So if i understand right , i can't avoid lvling up a dps.My question about the gears was refering to the fact that i don't want to hinder my progress.I mean that i don't want to be left out of drops because i am the support, because then there is no reason to play the game if i can't move forward. By reading some forum topics i saw that to be able to be competitive on pvp i have to toss a lot of money to build up my character.I do like pvp as this is the main part that l2 bring
  3. Hello everyone. As you can see from the title i am a new player on the l2 world (played privates on the past and official till interlude but thats a very long time ago), and i decided to give it a try again.Please refrain from telling me that the game is new player unfriendly, play only if you wonna toss a fortune in the cash shop etc.I've read plenty of forum post about this and im not a new customer of Ncsoft(hi aion).But as a new player i have a few questions to ask,so here it goes : 1) I started a bladedancer,having in my mind that a buffer is essential for groups, but is this t
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