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  1. Lf help for dual

    I need some help i have main healer 106 and i dont know what dual is the best feoh or yull becouse healer can use both robe and light too TY WHO CAN SHARE SOME IDEALS WHET ME TY
  2. Red libra question for GM's

    You lose all
  3. WTS +22 weapon

    Wts +22 r95 weapon any type i change on request whet 3 sa mail in game Tekion whet ofers only adena or r99 +16+++weapon trade any type
  4. Chronos pvp

    Nice one Divekio when you come to Naia to hunt down then clan who infects all naia the scamer and troll IIMAX so they stop QQ about no pvp in server great job keep up the good work
  5. Wts wtb

    Wts +10+11 pvp robe set dark knghit app Wts +16 3sa pve stormer Wtb +11 robe set r99 any type Wtb +25++ apo weapon Mail here or ingame to Tekion whet ofers
  6. When server transfer well be available again on naia is 0 fun max and dh detagd and 90%of players macro farm all day long
  7. WTB +10++ robe

    wtb blessed / pvp / pve robe +10+++ mail price and type
  8. wts +10 pve +15 pve

    Set sold Slasher whet no sa is 68b and 3sa 74 b
  9. wts +10 pve +15 pve

    wts +10 pve light set wts +15 3sa pve slasher
  10. Lf information how many Crystal of Determination and Protection you get from diferent armor and weapon grade R/R95/R99 or onl;y can get from r99 grade
  11. Ty you help alor @Draecke and not only me i think and alot other ppl who looking for infos and cant find on l2 forum TY
  12. Ty 4 information but i can find how many items i need to upgrade blessed weapon r99 to r110 or rly need to make pve/pvp the upgrade i have blessed +15 3 sa weapon and i see on pache notes i can upgrade to r110 but i need some special stones from braking weapons a d i can find how many i need or its no whorth to upgrade blessed better make pve/pvp the upgrade ty who can help me
  13. Where i can look up how many items do i need for upgrage weapons r99 bleesed or pvp/pve on diferent enchant lvl ty
  14. healer 106 pvp set +11 skills +10 mid grade jewels weapon ao r95 +19++ 3 sa feoh 105 SS play time is gmt +2+3 / 6-7 hrs/day lf pve/pvp cp mail here ofers ty im transfering whet first transfer from naia
  15. WTB

    wtb 2x HEWR = 3.5B wtb DEWR 5B each cod to Tekion ty