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  1. HAHAHAHA now i whana see QQ players about auto kick when death NO more farm whet death chars will tank run back to back and targething death chars and at least no more i whas here and is my spot but i whas killd now and bla bla bla and now players and flag kill and clear spots easy whet this new update and no more bots if flag and not at pc you well be by by freom server KICK
  2. Apocalips BOW +30

    ye dragon bow still better and cheaper the upgrade +30 apo to +28 limited bow r110 but players whant 400-500B for the +30 apo weapon and for my opinion is not whorth more then 250-300B even this price is hige for that weapon yes is +30 but in game you can see +20+++ limited weapons what make more dps then apo and cheaper to make but pls i whana see other players opinion here on what is the normal price and if it whorth the weapon on current stage of the game to buy or make
  3. VOTE EVENT !!!!

    i whas thinking why GM`s dont let ppl vote what event they whant to have in game Like put all the events in 1 big table and let ppl vote for them after they vote take out the event from the list and and start again the vote like this ppl stop 'QQ abou what event they whant and what event GM`s put in game and after 3 pay event make 1 free event whet no ncstore
  4. Apocalips BOW +30

    UPGRADE FROM R--R95--R99--R110 FOR THIS WEAPON R----R95 ADENA ---3403652549 R-crystals --- 543794 R-gemstones --- 956 Crystal of Determination --- 4075 R95 --- R99 Adena ---4084383058 R-crystals --- 652552 R-gemstones --- 1147 Crystal of Determination --- 4890 R99---R110 Adena --- 5309697976 R-crystals --- 848319 R-gemstones---1491 Crystal of Determination ---6357 ALL ITEMS NEEDED IS ADENA ---12.797.733.583 B R-CRYSTALS --- 2.044.665 G-GEMSTONES --- 3.594 CRYSTALS OF DETERMINATION --- 15.322 ( 50 CRYSTALS ON FLASH SALE IS 4000 NCOINS IN ALL IS 1.225.760 NCOINS )
  5. Apocalips BOW +30

  6. Apocalips BOW +30

    who can help me whats the normal price for Apo bow +30 no sa atm on NAIA server or if it whorth buying this weapon and upgrade to r99 or r110 or better buy dragon weapon stage 1/bloody weapon standard Akamanahs/Zariche pls comment who can help and no hatters ty
  7. GG today i w8 more then 2hrs to log in and after 20 min in game i get crit from the game and need to w8 nother 2hrs rly this game is a BIG JOKE this is the last drop in QUIT gg LOST 1 CUSTEMER 1 down 200 to go gm just FAIL THE GAME BIG TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! leave 24/7 bots 7/pc better then activ players BRAVO BRAVO LINEAGE 2 ==== BOT GAME NOT ACTIV
  8. r110 leather set

    wts r110 full set leather +6 pm mail offers to ------ IceRaven
  9. WTB

  10. what you thing about...

    I like this idear but well never happend on ncwest chronos is american time zone and naia eu but if they make il come back to the game whet alot of friends who left for the new bot sistem
  11. WTB

    wtb r99 blessed light set or r110 light set clean wts +10+11 pvp robe set ( 2 parts +11 ) wtt +22 r95 bow +adena apo weapon +25++ until libra is on PM OFERS HERE OR INGAME ON Mazakin
  12. Lf help for dual

    I need some help i have main healer 106 and i dont know what dual is the best feoh or yull becouse healer can use both robe and light too TY WHO CAN SHARE SOME IDEALS WHET ME TY
  13. Red libra question for GM's

    You lose all
  14. WTS +22 weapon

    Wts +22 r95 weapon any type i change on request whet 3 sa mail in game Tekion whet ofers only adena or r99 +16+++weapon trade any type
  15. Chronos pvp

    Nice one Divekio when you come to Naia to hunt down then clan who infects all naia the scamer and troll IIMAX so they stop QQ about no pvp in server great job keep up the good work