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  1. Ty 4 information but i can find how many items i need to upgrade blessed weapon r99 to r110 or rly need to make pve/pvp the upgrade i have blessed +15 3 sa weapon and i see on pache notes i can upgrade to r110 but i need some special stones from braking weapons a d i can find how many i need or its no whorth to upgrade blessed better make pve/pvp the upgrade ty who can help me
  2. Where i can look up how many items do i need for upgrage weapons r99 bleesed or pvp/pve on diferent enchant lvl ty
  3. healer 106 pvp set +11 skills +10 mid grade jewels weapon ao r95 +19++ 3 sa feoh 105 SS play time is gmt +2+3 / 6-7 hrs/day lf pve/pvp cp mail here ofers ty im transfering whet first transfer from naia
  4. Mazakin


    wtb 2x HEWR = 3.5B wtb DEWR 5B each cod to Tekion ty
  5. I just whana know if i change my name all my blocklist well be gone and the other players to or stay but name change ?
  6. R95 weapon =210kk R99 weapon =560kk helm r95=40kk r99=50kk top r95=60kk r99=90kk pants r95=40kk r99=70kk gloves r95=22kk r99=35kk boots r95=20kk r99=33kk Mail in game Tekion how many you have il buy all !!!!!
  7. Mazakin


    dark light set +10 3x120 blue dynasty app wtt for dark robe set +10 or blessed +10 +adena wts 77b mail in game Tekion
  8. oO ` ? your got kick from Terry02 cp lol or you just full whet the crap and shet from that clan and that cp !!!!! hahahaahah
  9. What well happen whet the brave heroes of NAIA the MIGHTY MAX clan coming the they bring some worm warm blankets and alot of bsoe + bres for DragonHunters so they can stay in CH . lets see what the brave defenders well bring to the tabel vs the attackers from FREYA !!!!!!! NAIA what well your brave heroes do now ?
  10. Now can see how rats runing from sinking ship !!! other max members ???? falow your leader llllllllllllbot and Vnchicken to Chronos this is not EQ so IQ and Realmayer can mass report so enemys can get band and win the server this is hands vs hands PVP
  11. why ncsoft not merging freya and naia how i see from this servers alot of donator /good players leave when they whana merge when all top players leave and leave only players who play 1-2 hrs /day and after 1 month they leave the game and how the game DIE slow and stady If ncsoft whell not merge the 2 servers in like 1-2 month there will be nothing left to merge only boxes and low grade players who will not donate for game only play for fun
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