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  1. Why look for materials and not for recipes and keys that only a scavenger can get?
  2. I have both launchers but I only use the new one because it remember 5 Id's, is a little slow because is a launcher for all NC games and... wait, now i can't open this #%&$ ...let me see... ok at 3rd try , usually works at 1st, you are the bad luck
  3. What's the point with Dig Up The Sea quest? In Ivory Tower the quest ask to kill 200 mobs from Sea of Spores, the reward is just 3000a but i need 3000a to get the quest in Ivory Tower, 3900 to reach Sea of Spores and 3000a to collect the prize in Ivory Tower again, total 9900a just in GK for... 3000a?. Is the only quest with this problem? If not I don't know why they even exists, totally useless.
  4. For all mages: create a Light Elf mage lvl 10, get his weapon. For all warriors: create a Light Elf warrior lvl 10, get his weapon. My best adena quest early (classic) (lvl 11+): https://l2wiki.com/classic/Dreaming_of_the_Skies If you sell the ring this quest pay 69a x mob (3450a x 50 mobs) (-1 SoE 440a, Helvetia, Town of Giran)= 3010 adena, i think it works even with dark blue mobs. The bad part is there's no nest of quest mobs, you need to walk a little to find them (use /target command), kill 50 and come back to the town with a SoE, then TP to Western Minning Zone and walk to th
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