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  1. Wanted people to play together in a large international clan. If you have lvl 50+, play with a magician or summoner, contact me. Freshly folded party so looking for people playingat various hours completely for fun need: BD / SWS / NUKER / SUMMONER I offer: daily trips to Raid Boss (clan) clan skills, bonus xp, I invite you to a discord or pw me in forum
  2. OL dye : +wit -?

  3. Guide Overlord version [PL]

    I invite you to read my tutorial on Overlord which I currently play on the Giran server.I'm running a blog about lineage 2 classic, I hope someone can use some information. Guide in the Polish version made by whyNOT . http://lineage2classic.pl/overlord-jak-grac-na-classicu-poradnik/
  4. OL debuffs / gear

    My tutorial on Overlord in Polish, but you can translate. http://lineage2classic.pl/overlord-jak-grac-na-classicu-poradnik/