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  1. The L2 store will take care of it! They will have SP scrolls available in the store for the price of your first born!
  2. Lol.. ncsoft modified my title to remove me specifically calling them out. The true title of this thread stands as "Ncwest headed for the trash heap of history"
  3. Let's see.... Cake event: awards grossly over enchanted weapons to the winner, XP, SP for everyone else. All you had to do was show up, hit the cake. Cake replacement event: XP only, no item, no SP. Oh, let's add Talismans of Fate so people can spend $500 on virtual items as well. The "ultimate celebration" will be when WOW classic buries y'all again in August without pay 2 win.
  4. All spells have a chance to "miss' in classic.. which is pretty stupid
  5. Dude, your developers are a special kind of STUPID and it is pretty clear they control the game, not y'all. WOW Classic will bury this game and only your stupidness, NCSOFT, can be to blame.
  6. NCsoft, eat your own cake and realize you made a terrible mistake trying to have one cake in one location with this amount of people. What, are your developers and IT folks in preschool? Even those poor kindergarten kids would realize doing something like this is a bad idea with the sheer amount of people.
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