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  1. I would like to know if there will be an update on the antbot system, since the bots are coming back. And will there be update in the Pk system? Because they are not punished if they teleport they can be summoned... it's all normal for them. When should they be punished for status/karma
  2. Unfortunately, prejudice and gratuitous anger are still present in people. That's sad.
  3. I wrote this text about 3x until I got to this summary. I'm tired of reading offenses in the chat aimed at to Brazilians as a whole, that they are all slum dwellers, that everyone is hungry, that they are all poor. Since when is being poor a defect? Brazil does have social difficulties, yes there are people who go through a lot of difficulties, but there are people who have conquered their place in the sun, people who have come out of poverty, from the favela, and some like me, who struggle to change our country for the better . There is something that I've observed for a long time
  4. Eager to read the new pac, hoping to continue the implementation against the bots, as the people managed to log in again, and hoping they get a correct treatment for the PKs. Even more so the bot owners were disgusted with the update and are killing everyone on the server. I still believe that at some point we will have players on the server only. No bots and no Bot owners in the game.
  5. Wow, I've never seen such a complex update on Server. First time I see an update that causes so much crying ingame, there are people warning that they will be giving PK 24h to everyone, because they hurt to realize that they can not log their Bots. To get even better, I recommend that the next update you look at PK, because they should be punished for real, no doubt only humans are playing. The vast majority of large server bots are people who own armies of bots. It now lacks karma punishment and truly harm bots including their pks.
  6. If I log in and spend 30 min logged in, and open transformation, it gives an error. close the game I can only open transformation before 30 minutes logged in.
  7. I'm sure that with these implementations, antbots, + quests, server classic will excel and things will improve, I'm sure. As well as rescuing old players, who like the game more and who did not accept as many errors that existed on the server. Long live Classic - To real players!
  8. I consider it important to fix the server, even if it took a while, but I think it's valid. We need quests/pets Dwarves being valued again. But I'm already very happy to know that some things are going to get better, we hope so.
  9. I am very happy to read this! Let the good ones stay on the server.
  10. I have talked to many people who play on other official servers, something very common that On official X server there are no bots. Log in maximum 3 accounts and period. Hearing this makes you understand that it is a button on the server that you define if you leave it on/off releasing the bots or not. In Classic this button seems to have broken on "released" and this has caused a lot of problems. Now with the arrival of the New Essence server (Aden) I hope that Classic doesn't get abandoned anymore. That at NcSoft there is someone who still cares about Classic and with a minimum to ke
  11. that's why the bugs here are making birthdays. I don't foresee improvement, pay attention with the classic anymore. good jse there was one day attention. The posts on the forum are still the same, I see responses only in a few posts and many unanswered, and it gets even worse now.
  12. Yes, I agree with you. For over 2 years I've been talking on the forum, showing things that need to be fixed and nothing is done without a doubt 98% ignored what is said on the forum.
  13. Hello everybody. I'm a veteran player, I played L1 at the time of the beta test. It was a fantastic experience. I started playing l2 at the very beginning. I remember playing the first chronicles. Today I play in Classic. I'm a gamer concerned about rescuing things that were good in old L2. Things I see abandoned today by the Staff. I've been pointing out bugs, failures, or suggesting improvements to the server for over 2 years on the forum. I've been punished with forum restriction for questioning things that are wrong, literally as a way of telling me to shut up. Instead of lo
  14. Pessoal, quem for BR e estiver começando, a jogar no classic, Giran, e for jogador que procura jogar e se divertir em uma Clan PVE, me mande Pm no Game Casemonstro. Estamos recrutando jogadores novos. Ideia eh um grupo de amigos com mesma índole jogando juntos. Me mandem Pm e conversamos!!
  15. What more bonuses will they give? Will it be automatic? Will the rune when converted be equivalent to the bonus? Or equivalent to lvl, if it is it will ruin the weapon.
  16. Does this include those already attached to weapons? Because we have already noticed that these new ones are inferior to the old ones (Old Rune lvl 11 =/= New Rune 11 lvl)
  17. Baium: __ Whoever brought the human, he escaped. Orphen: Where? Baium: Oops, I stepped on it. Core: Damn, you're going to have to change the water now!
  18. Some items like lubricating molds, if you want to sell them to my wife, she always needs them, as she still crafts items. Her Char is Cafecomleite, send emails talking to her about values.
  19. Bots were punished? It's not what I see. No bots on the server, only active players, can't you see the benefits this would give us? When I made this post and looked for many leaders, few responded to me, and the vast majority did not believe in the staff and in their decision-making power in solving the problems.
  20. I'm in the mood to do "Freedom" again but with 1.10m and movements tb. I just modeled the Rx78, in 3d, now I'm starting the physical construction of the body, using Pepakura! Soon I will suffer to be able to reproduce all of his text stickers. It will look great! It will be an animatronic/Casemod!
  21. time passes and the problems remain the same, I would say they even got worse. Today it's easier for you to take a ban if you farm (autohunting) in Abandoned Camp, and it bothers the bots, than the bots take a ban (I've seen it happen with a friend of mine) or restrict the account on the forum because you express an opinion (it happened to me). We need an Audit Channel, some way to take these issues that have been going on for years to be resolved.
  22. My Iron Man is 1.84m tall. New Gundam I'm making is the 1.10m Rx-78 with the same moves as the new one from Tokyo.
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