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  1. MIFF, ARFI: all mean-full field raids spawn in EXACT time simultaneously in the zariche time frame..
  2. Dramatic changes in wrong direction. ppl are unhappy and leaving.. Probably new CO is the solution.
  3. You are not right, Roser. NC$SOFT DO care for the out-of game adena sell. How to supply these sites with adena without boting? The sites are the same many years, they even didn't changed their names..
  4. Its very easy to obtain adena: go to Aden and your chat will be spammed from bots with web-sites addresses (which sells adena). The sites are the same last 5 years, so: obviously NC$OFT doing nothing to stop this, even support the adena suppliers.
  5. I dont believe in this plunder bug theory There are bugs but with the mechanic and NC$OFT prefer to remain deaf for that Drop and spoil-rate was reduced dramatically and its not a bug. its per zone and 100% intentional. GoS - 800% reduced drop/spoil. Atelia refinery - 450% reduced. New zones are only 200% reduced. Timed zones - adena is untouched, drop about 100% reduced. Its obviously intentional and per zone..
  6. NC$OFT trying to erase dwarf race. Dont make dwarf
  7. GМ. go to Naia, Atelia Refinery (and not only).. 50 sec. lag in Rafinery.. in FoM at example: only 1-2 sec.. This situation - at lest last 3-4 hours.. Its not possible to play there. Seems bots do play without problems, btw.. RESTART the server ASAP and BAN all BOTs, them find their owners (main chars) and ban them as well, PLS! I am pretty sure 90% of the"heroes" will be banned..
  8. Lot of bots farm to feed "illegal" sites for adena.. Seems GMs are a part of the corruption and remain blind..
  9. Macro system is legal, bots are not, remember? There are lot of botters unpunished as well, not only scammers, but its not the point of this discussion. The BUG have nothing to do with macro system. You can be putted in ILLEGAL KARMA until play active by the same way..
  10. Scammers put players in Illegal karma using BUG. Find these scammers and BAN ALL their chars!
  11. You still not fixing the illegal KARMA bug? 3 weeks of shame. Scammers will continue to terrorize players and ppl will continue to leave L2.. Show some respect to your players: go find scammers and ban all their chars!
  12. there is a scrolls for that (to teleport KAMRA players).. you can obtain them from Olly manager . Its not the problem: bugs are. There are 2 bugs. even blind man can see that.. GMs remains deaf .. I have only 1 explanation: they are corrupted and get % from these scamms via G2Gcom :))
  13. Maxximilian Nice post, man. There are obviously 2 bugs here: - 1st one is: the player can get karma without PK, if kill some pet. Its simply not right: you suppose to get PK AND karma, not only karma.In other words, when you kill someone in karma you not supposed to get karma/pk, you supposed to get reputation :))) - 2nd one: why you hit the karma-player, when you target a mob???!!!!. You dont hit flagged players in the same situation. Karma or not, its still player = PC not NPC, so that is 100% BUG as well. The combination of these 2 bugs lead to the horrible co
  14. This bug have nothing to do with macros. Seems like passive reflect skill bug. You need to be out of town afk, doing nothing, and every noob can come with 85 Wynn, put marks on his pets and when pets are on 1 HP, charge them against you.. Noone expect NCSOFT to confess officially, they will do what they do every time: don't confess, throw a dust to the eyes of their clients .. And this "not a bug" will magically disappear somehow after 2-3 weeks.
  15. Its not a bug, but you fixed this "NOT A BUG" few weeks ago :))) GMs need to confess their mistakes.. Without transparency you are just the same cheaters as the spammers we taking about..
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