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  1. JUJI cannot do that, that would be disrespectful to the entire lineage 2 community, Whoever gave PK has to be responsible for their actions! There is a quest that removes PKs !!! If Clearing the PKs, and the people who died and lost XP how is it?
  2. Farmes' New Zones gave XP Great before the XP Server Event, when the event came even better, now that the XP Server event was removed, the Areas were brutally nerfed .... Why is that?
  3. PT=BR = Removeram a Opção de compra do Item Circlet do L2 Store, Isso e inadmissível e uma falta de respeito com os jogadores ! EN-EUA = They removed the Purchase Option from Item Circlet from the L2 Store, This is inadmissible and a lack of respect with the players!
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