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  1. Some help from the team

    Problem fixed! I collected the sp for 1 level recharge that i hadn't level'd up and it's all ok now!
  2. Hello, I encountered a problem today after doing my fom quest, which resulted in ending 3 levels up. I think it was something from the rewards that i shouldn't have chosen to get. As a result, i need to be one level down to receive recharge from my se. Is there any way i can approach that to move one level behind? I understand the update makes the life of all those bots hard, which is awesome(and the event too!), but i think some normal players have been affected as well. Could it be possible someone from the staff to tell us if there is a way to lose xp somehow? Thank you in advance
  3. Some help from the team

    Thank you Compatible, but i don't think this is a viable solution. Accidents can happen and 1 pk by accident can damage a player's farm of a month. I would like an answer from the staff on their approach to the subject. This will be a repeatable problem until the difference in level's become smaller.