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  1. The Event ...

    I Loved The Most when I started The Event when Party XP/SP was Doubled for All, drops some green items, 2 accounts for I.P. I guess anyone remember's The Name ... Cheers Take Care Around ...
  2. How to get Moonknight armor set

    True You get it when reach Lvl 20 on Newbie lvling Quests at Captain Barthis in Gludio Town then You get some more lvling Quests. If You are too High Lvl now just start a new Char in the account n then give it trough Dimensional Items. Cheers ...
  3. Happy New Year.

    I Wish Everybody a Happy New Year. All The Best n Take Care. MaverickZ
  4. Varnish to Upgrade Weapons

    Hi All, I would like to know how to use the varnish to Upgrade Low lvl D or C grade to Top using the Varnish, cause I've been at Ferris and there ain't no option for that. Thank You very much and Happy New Year. Cheers MaverickZ
  5. Portuguese playing since the beggining 2004 Fluente in English a.s.o languages looking to Join Active Clan .. Best regards MaverickZ