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  1. + 1 to this post. I usually dont post on the forum but the game is neglected by the owner. 3 months in a row i take disconnect in oly entering match loosing 20 points. This never used to happen and my pc is clean. I dont disconnect in any other way in game, just when porting to oly server. As orgininal poster say, dont know if you enemy or friend but that dont matter in this case. Dont punish the players, FIX THE GAME.
  2. Okey, thx all for sharing. Post was a "Scream in the void" more than anything.
  3. If you kill the parties you will eventually kill the game completly This could be a wall of text because there is so much i would like to say but I will leave that for another day because I know ppl don´t read the long posts anyway and if they do most is missunderstood or made fun of. I will make it simple, most of the old players and that is probably the bulk of the player base because it´s an old game and it´s hard or to expensive to catch up, are still playing because we have friends ingame and we enjoy doing something together for a couple of hours in the evening. What happe
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