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  1. Last event made two cloaks legendary, first with 6 scrolls and Second with 11. In this event i made 3, first with 29 scrolls, Second with 62 and third with 8 scrolls.
  2. Did you try to enchant a legendary or a regular one?
  3. What you mean with "dex walls on"???
  4. Don't worry, a better event is coming https://www.lineage2.com/news/call-of-clans-return
  5. I have no lag and no DC, what are you talking about?
  6. They have already added fraya bloody rune in prestige pack, do not need herbs anymore.
  7. See this. https://4r4m.com/en/l2awk-collection-system-en/
  8. For lvl 106 it's the same, nothing changed.
  9. What i like the most is that this update make ppl cry on forums
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