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  1. "Bug" in the Rules of lineage 2.

    Sorry if i put this under wrong section. Basically, the Rules of your game (heres link to them: https://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-rules-of-conduct.php) need to be updated. Specifically, rule 21 (shown bellow): YOU MAY NOT USE ANY THIRD-PARTY PROGRAM (SUCH AS A "BOT") IN ORDER TO AUTOMATE GAMEPLAY FUNCTIONS, INCLUDING PLAYING, CHATTING, INTERACTING OR GATHERING ITEMS WITHIN LINEAGE II. YOU MAY NOT ASSIST, RELAY OR STORE ITEMS FOR OTHER PLAYERS WHO ARE USING THESE PROCESSES. It needs to be edited to calrify that if you are a long time player (high level) possibly with VIP, you get special treatment, and the rules are more leneant on you. (This is currently not being stated in the rules, but as you will see from the rest of this forum post it seems to be happening): Short summary: Over the past few weeks ive been making botting tickets in low level zones with very clear GIFs (short videos) showing virtually undeniable proof that characters are botting (You either have to be completely stupid to not agree that the characters are bots after seeing them in action, or perhaps believe that when you see 2 characters running to the exact same mobs in the same path in unison 24/7 it is simply coincidence between two human players). Anyway, I made a good 6 tickets, including about 45 bots through all of them. Within days of the tickets the characters which were botting were no longer offline (I would confirm for 2 days the offline status of the chars which were previously botting basically 24/7, to check if they were banned). Sometimes I would have to reply to the ticket a couple of times in ALL CAPS with a bit of rage to get the support team rolling, but always, the bots were banned in the end (or atleast they are offline to this day coincidentally after my tickets?). All of the characters were in lower level zones (lvl 40~~), until recently when i found a set of higher level bots (lvl 70~~) and now the support team is doing nothing (Its been almsot a week, none of my previous tickets ever lasted this long before they stopped the botting characters). Well, thats my post basically. Rules need to specify that they are not the same for all players. (Below now i will give images and descriptions of 2 tickets, firstly the one where they have yet to ban the botters (still online) and secondly, one of my other tickets where bots were succesfully banned.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET 1 (the current open one of high lvl botters): The ticket (the first few replies atleast, its still ongoing): https://gyazo.com/05eedffc8fc6ccc43fced97e760f0031 Evidence found in the ticket: GIF 1: https://gyazo.com/99ed40067d4b00b35c28bdf3b18f98e5 GIF 2: https://gyazo.com/fcb36ef9b11f1d237e40517bb905da09 GIF 3: https://gyazo.com/dd621f41e0951fca45e0601994cd402f 2 of those gifs show how the damage dealing characters SIMULTAENEOUSLY switch to a new mob when it spawns (closer than their old target). I was only here for 5 minutes, and saw this several times. I could have made many MANY more unique gifs, and in hindsight am sad i didnt as they would come in handy. My job is not bot banning though. Just trying to provide enough evidence to clean the game, but apparently this wasnt enough (Look at the 3 gifs if you havent, its disgusting to watch). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TICKET 2 (the comparison ticket, an older one thats closed where the bots were banned. They are still offline to this day. I tried to choose the ticket with the worst evidence to highlight the fact how they more easily ban lower level non-VIP characters.): The ticket: https://gyazo.com/b8086b6296211039bd7a88cadc2d2f1b Evidence found in the ticket: https://gyazo.com/756b8c7d4fe54392fe2779911d7d4b7f https://gyazo.com/41c44b1170edc2df64ea07c41629e0bd Just 2 pieces of evidence, 1 gif showing the characters spam healign while being attacked by a group of mobs, and another image showing them remaining dead on the ground after not being able to withstand said mobs. This set of bots was banned the following day... (I checked the characters were offline the next day, and day after), and i recieved thanks on the ticket. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To summarize the comparison: Low level worthless char botters - Shit evidence, banned in 1 day. High level char botters (probably with VIP) - Substantially better evidnece (quality AND quantity) and still online after nearly 1 week. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading hte post, if you have any questions feel free to ask. I can also show some of the other tickets, or more of the ones shown here.